Expat woman in Dubai spars with cop over traffic violation

Dubai - The Court of First Instance will give its verdict on December 21.

AFP photo for illustrative prupose
AFP photo for illustrative prupose

Marie Nammour

Published: Mon 7 Dec 2020, 3:23 PM

Last updated: Mon 7 Dec 2020, 3:24 PM

An expatriate unemployed woman (24) is facing trial on charges of assaulting and insulting on-duty police officers after she was detained for traffic violation.

The Court of First Instance heard how the woman pushed and kicked a female police sergeant in a bid to prevent the latter from taking the accused into custody at Al Qusais police station.

She also insulted an on-duty male police personnel.

The incident had occurred on November 3, 2019, and the case was registered at Al Qusais police station.

A police corporal said that at around 6 pm on November 13 last year, he and one of his colleagues were patrolling in the Al Nahda neighbourhood.

“We had spotted an electric scooter (driven by the accused) going the wrong way while we were heading towards Oman Street in the Al Nahda neighbourhood. She could have caused a traffic accident and got herself run over.

We stopped her and asked her for an ID. She refused to show her ID. I told her that she risked legal procedure and her scooter would be seized,” he said.

The defendant reluctantly shared her ID but abruptly snatched it from the officer, who was checking its authenticity.

“She started mocking the Dubai Police and alleged that male officers would always stop women. She ridiculed us,” the sergeant said.

Soon, the woman walked towards the police’s patrol vehicle and leaned on the bonnet in a bid to prevent the officers from seizing her scooter or taking any legal action against her.

“Then, we called the lieutenant in-charge and a female officer was dispatched shortly,” the sergeant said during the investigation.

The female officer told the public prosecutor that after she reached the incident spot, she found that the defendant was discourteous while speaking to her male colleagues.

“She refused to obey their orders such as to get inside the patrol car. She got into the car but after a prolonged altercation,” the female officer recounted.

Later, the accused misbehaved with the female officer and also prevented attempts to handcuff her.

The court will give its verdict on the case on December 21.


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