Expat jailed for assaulting two police officers in Dubai

Expat jailed for assaulting two police officers in Dubai

Dubai - He will be deported upon completion of his sentence.


Marie Nammour

Published: Sat 22 Sep 2018, 11:15 PM

A British expatriate, accused of assaulting two on-duty police officers, was sentenced to six months in jail on Thursday by a Dubai court.
Public prosecution records show the 29-year-old man became aggressive towards the two officers as they were about to take him back into the narcotics detention at Al Qusais police station.
The Court of First Instance found him guilty of charges of assaulting on-duty police officers and damage of property. He was also convicted of destroying a landline telephone, a fire alarm device (damage estimated at Dh1,338) and a mobile phone of a female cop. The court ordered him to pay a Dh1,338 fine for that damage. He will be deported upon completion of his sentence.
The incident took place on February 6.
A police corporal said at 11.30pm on the incident day he was on the job when he and a colleague heard screams coming from the men's detention. "It was the accused and it appeared he needed medical help as he had difficulties in breathing. We took him out of his cell and let him wait in the hallway on a chair."
Paramedics arrived and examined the defendant and decided he was fine.
"But as we tried to take him back into his cell, he resisted fiercely. He hit a fire alarm device and broke it, making the alarm go off. He tried to reach the exit door but he was stopped," the corporal told the prosecutor.
The accused was also stopped from escaping from another door. "We followed him as he entered the women cops' office. He picked up a policewoman's mobile phone off a desk and tried to make a call and then threw it away."
The police officers brought him under control and took him back handcuffed to his detention. "He was well-built and left us with hand and arm bruises," the officer added.
According to the officer's testimony, the defendant also broke a landline telephone. Both officers had medical reports issued for them, which showed they were left with lacerations and bruises because of the defendant's resistance.
The accused, who remains at detention, can appeal the ruling within 15 days at the Court of Appeals.

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