Dubai: Man tries to fly with forged passport, grounded in jail, fined Dh150,000

Dubai - He even got a boarding pass at the self-service kiosk at Dubai airport.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 28 Apr 2021, 3:45 AM

A man who forged a European passport to fly to Rome has been sentenced to six months in jail and a hefty fine of Dh150,000.

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The Dubai criminal court also ordered the 25-year-old Arab visitor to be deported after his sentence.

The accused had forged a French passport to book a ticket to Italy, and managed to get a boarding pass at the self-service kiosk at Dubai airport last month.

However, he was caught at the boarding gate when the airline official identified that the passport was forged, along with the entry and exit stamps of Dubai International Airport.

When police arrested the accused and confronted him, he confessed to the illegal act.

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