Dubai driver accused of causing cyclist's death after jumping red light

Dubai - Motorist denies charge, claims victim was at fault while trying to cross the road.

Illustrative image; credit:
Illustrative image; credit:

Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 8 Feb 2021, 3:06 PM

A motorist is facing charges of causing wrongful death and damaging public property at Dubai Traffic Court.

He is accused of jumping a signal and fatally running over a cyclist on the Sheikh Rashid Road.

The incident had occurred at 10:10am on November 2, 2020, when the man, a French national, 50, ran over the cyclist.

Later, the Dubai Police arrested the motorist, who has denied the charges pressed against him.

“My client crossed the signal, when it had turned yellow and not red,” Awatif Mohammed, a lawyer from Al Rowaad Advocates, who represented the defendant, told the court.

“He was on the left lane of the road and had crossed the signal when it had turned yellow. However, the cyclist appeared all of a sudden. My client was taken aback, and he couldn’t avoid hitting him,” she added.

According to article 25 for UAE’s traffic law, a yellow signal allows a vehicle to pass, albeit, with caution, she told the court.

She insisted that the cyclist had crossed the road despite the pedestrian’s signal on his end was still red, and requested her client be cleared of the charge.

Records show the victim had rammed into the right side of the car.

Traffic investigators have blamed the driver for the cyclist’s death.

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