Dubai cop threatens expat with his gun in café

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Dubai - He warned him to stay away from his sister.


Marie Nammour

Published: Thu 19 Dec 2019, 5:43 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 Dec 2019, 7:48 PM

A policeman was charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he threatened a man with his pistol, which belongs to the Dubai Police.

Public prosecution records show that the incident took place on October 21. A case was registered at Al Muraqqabat Police Station.

The defendant, a 27-year-old Yemeni, reportedly threatened the complainant that he would shoot to kill him with his firearm if he did not stay away from his sister. The episode took place at a café in Port Saeed, Al Muraqqabat. Prosecutors referred him to trial requesting that he receives the strictest legal penalty.

During prosecution investigation, the complainant, an employee with a Comoros Islands passport, said that he was at the café around 6.30pm. The witness (the defendant's sister) was then sitting with me."

The complainant recounted how the defendant then walked in wearing his police uniform. "He asked 'who is the woman sitting with you'. He then told her to leave, which she did.

"Without mentioning how he is related to that woman, the defendant asked me to stay away from her and to never talk to her again. He then took out his pistol from his side and pointed it towards the floor. He threatened to shoot me otherwise. He then left the place."

The complainant told the prosecutor that it was the first time he ever saw the accused. "I knew his sister for 10 years and we used to be colleagues and worked for the same bank branch. We would talk on the phone and we had met only once before at a restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road."
He recalled that on the day of the incident, the witness (the woman) wanted to meet him to discuss a commercial project with him.
"About three days later, the defendant phoned me and threatened me again to stay away from his sister or something that I would not like might happen. I complained then against him," he recounted in front of the prosecutor.
A police captain told the investigator he arrested the accused around 9.30pm on October 24 at the police station. "We received a report from the complainant that the accused had threatened him at a café. The latter confessed to me that he threatened that man upon spotting him with his sister."
A ruling will be issued on December 26.

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