Dubai 'belt bomb’ case adjourned to January 12

The court allowed the defendant to receive a copy of the lawsuit file, while the defendants are to remain in detention.

An Uzbek woman, 33, who on September 1 threatened the public prosecution staff to blow herself and her son up unless a DNA test was conducted to prove that an Emirati man had fathered her son, showed up before the judicial panel in Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday. She came along with her 10-year–old son and was accompanied by her accomplice MYM in the second hearing of the lawsuit.

The defence lawyer of the main defendant requested the court to return the mobile phones of his client which had been seized since all her contacts were listed on the phone and she did not have their contact numbers. He said those persons are witnesses who testified that the incident took place at the intimidation of the second defendant.

The defence lawyer of the second defendant demanded a copy of the file of the case. The court summoned the two prosecution witnesses Jassem Jaber Sultan and Colonel Mohammed Ahmed. The phones of the prime defendant have been kept for submission to the court in the forthcoming hearing on January 12. The court allowed the defendant to receive a copy of the lawsuit file, while the defendants are to remain in detention.

The public prosecution had pressed in its indictment sheets three charges against the defendant which are: threatening to explode the public prosecution building, threatening employees, and endangering public lives. The woman denied the charges. The public prosecution also accused her co-defendant of helping her in the incident, which he denied, as well.

Like other female prisoners, the defendant entered the court room wearing the prison’s pink dress while covering her face with the veil (hijab). She sat on the seat holding her son all the time.

The public prosecution said the woman had threatened GSA, a government employee, staff of the public prosecution, and visitors to the public prosecution building and judicial officers in the building. She was accused of committing a crime against human lives and funds, and that she had made up a belt in cooperation with the second defendant to make it look like a bomb belt.

On her accomplice the public prosecution said he was indicted of agreeing with the prime defendant and instigating and abetting her to the crime, as he had made the belt and incited her to go to the building of the public prosecution threatening to blow herself up if the authorities did not meet her demands.

The government employee GSA, whom the defendant claimed is the biological father of her child, told the court that he got to know her in 2003, and after 10 years she began to create problems for him claiming that she was pregnant from him. He added that the defendant filed a suit against him in Ajman, where the court acquitted him, but was sentenced to a month in jail on the charge of adultery.

“Three years later, the defendant showed up and filed a suit against GSA in a Sharjah court claiming that he is the biological father of her child. The court overturned her accusation, and he was cleared.

The defendant had not kept quiet, but filed suits against him several times, and all ended in him winning the cases, and getting acquitted of the charges. He said such accusations and lawsuits had caused him many family problems.

He also told the court that she had called him again from August 20 this year and had sent him letters telling him of her plans and also threatening him. She also sent him a picture of the belt along with a voice mail that he would see the blast. The man did not take her threats seriously until she barged into the premises of the public prosecution.

“The defendant asked him to establish the paternity of the child, issue him a passport, and provide a villa and Dh3 million,” he said, adding that he could not confirm that the boy was his, and told her to resort to the law, and that he would commit to the ruling of the court.

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