Dubai: 6 expats attack accountant, steal Dh220,200 from him

Dubai - The victim tried to get up and give chase, but failed.

By Hesham Salah

Published: Mon 22 Mar 2021, 8:56 PM

Six Africans was arrested in Dubai for assaulting an accountant and stealing Dh220,200 from him in the Al Daghaya area in Deira.

The public prosecution of Dubai revealed that on 13 December 2020, the accountant was on his way to his company after withdrawing cash from a money exchange in the area. He planned to keep the money in the company’s safe and deposit it in the bank the next morning.

However, on the way, one of the gang members grabbed the plastic bag in which he was carrying the cash and fled away. When the victim tried to give chase, another gang member tackled him on the ground and escaped as well.

The victim tried to get up and give chase, but failed. He later called the police and reported the incident.

A team from Dubai Police investigated the incident and was able to identify the accused.

When the police apprehended the men, they admitted to committing the crime. They said three of them followed the accountant after he left the exchange office and after they stole the cash, three others helped transport them away from the scene.

All the accused were referred to the criminal court, which adjourned the hearing to April 6.

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