Drunk female expat assaults, abuses Dubai police officers

Drunk female expat assaults, abuses Dubai police officers

Dubai - She also flashed her middle finger in their presence.


Marie Nammour

Published: Tue 11 Dec 2018, 3:09 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Dec 2018, 5:12 PM

A female expatriate, who was drunk when she behaved aggressively with two police officers, was charged at a Dubai court on Tuesday.
The Court of First Instance heard how the 43-year-old Ukrainian woman, a resident, was heavily drunk on April 13, as she poured water on on-duty police officers and pushed them while she resisted being taken into the women's detention centre at Bur Dubai police station.
She also flashed her middle finger in their presence.
The woman was charged with assaulting on-duty police officers, committing an indecent act in public, verbally abusing the officers, assaulting others and insulting them, and consuming alcohol without a permit.
She denied the charges, claiming she was then under the influence of alcohol and could not recall what happened on that day.
According to public prosecution records, the defendant took a cab earlier on the day of incident. She was heavily drunk and assaulted the driver and insulted him. Out of worry of a traffic accident that she could cause, he pulled over at the nearest metro station and alerted the police about her.
The Indian taxi driver, 25, said he picked up the woman at 5pm on April 13 from outside a hotel. "She wanted to go to a junk food restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road. However, during the trip, she began to grab me by my shirt and spit on my face. She was apparently drunk."
As she was insulting him, he stopped at a metro station and left her inside the car. "I went to report her to the police officers there. When the cops came to take her into custody, she used bad language with them and flashed her middle finger," the driver testified during the public prosecution investigation. 
A police officer said he was on duty when the defendant was brought to the police station, following a problem she had with a taxi driver. "She was drunk and behaving erratically. She pushed me as I tried to handcuff her and insulted the police. Policewomen took her inside the detention cell."
Another police officer corroborated his statement, adding that the accused poured water on the wall inside the interrogation office.
During prosecution investigation, the defendant admitted she had drunk alcohol earlier on the day of incident. She claimed she drank too much she could not remember what she had done and that she got surprised when she found herself detained later.
The trial will continue on December 25.

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