Court suspends 321 driving licences

As many as 321 driving licences have been suspended in the first quarter of this year upon the Traffic Court’s orders and prosecution recommendations against 184 suspension during the same period last year, a top traffic prosecutor revealed.

By Marie Nammour

Published: Wed 25 Apr 2012, 11:42 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 11:35 AM

Salah Bu Farroucha Al Felasi, Dubai Traffic Chief Prosecutor, said the suspension was for motorists involved in serious traffic accidents and for different period of times. “We, in the Traffic Prosecution, always call for tough penalties on such motorists as per constant instructions from Eissam Issa Al Humaidan, the Dubai Attorney-General.”

The Traffic Prosecution statistics showed that the Traffic Court ordered the suspension of driving licences of 20 defendants convicted of causing the deaths of others, including 15 for six months and five for three months. “284 motorists had their licences suspended for driving under the influence of liquor including four for six months and the rest for three months.

Two licences were suspended for three months because of the use of drugs. 15 other licences were suspended for different period of times for various traffic violations,” he said.

Al Felasi pointed out that the Traffic Court may suspend the driving licences of motorists involved in traffic crimes for specified period as per the last modification of the Federal Traffic Code of 2007.

“The motorist whose driving licence is suspended by a court order may not drive a car during the suspension period as per the Traffic Law. Otherwise, he would face a jail sentence of not more than three months and a fine not less than Dh5,000.”

In last year, the Traffic Prosecution got orders from the Traffic Court to suspend 922 driving licences of motorists involved in serious traffic violations.

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