Accountant slit woman’s throat to steal her gold, court hears

An accountant slit the throat of a defenceless housewife in her flat before fleeing with gold jewellery worth Dh20,000, a court heard on Monday.

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Tue 29 Jan 2013, 8:58 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 3:53 AM

According to Prosecution records, the 28-year-old Indian first knocked on his compatriot’s door in Al Rafaa alleging he wanted the purchase receipt of a second-hand washing machine he had bought from her husband.

When the women told the man to come back later when her husband would be home, the accused fooled the housewife into believing that he wanted a glass of water so that she would let him in.

During the Prosecution investigation the defendant admitted to the murder. He claimed that he was in a dire financial mess and stole a bag full with gold jewellery after committing the crime, including a necklace from the victim’s neck.

He faced charges of premeditated murder and theft in the Court of First Instance.

The victim’s husband said that on the fatal day on September 26 last year, his neighbour contacted him at about 12.45pm and alerted him to the fact that his wife had not gone down to collect their son from the school bus.

When he returned to the residence, he was shocked to find his wife’s body lying in a pool of blood. He said that the closet drawers were open and the clothes were in a mess.

The victim’s husband told 
the prosecutor that the stolen jewellery was estimated to be worth between Dh20,000 and Dh25,000.

The forensics report stated that the woman was stabbed in the neck, with stab wounds identified on her face and hands as well. The forensics and criminal evidence experts lifted fingerprints and pieces of evidence from the crime scene.

Blood that did not belong to the victim was found at the scene, which led the police to believe that the killer sustained injuries during the struggle.

As a result, the police formed a task force to look for potential suspects with fresh injuries. This eventually led to the arrest of the defendant in Al Rafaa who had apparent wounds to the face. He was taken into the General Department of Criminal Investigation.

When quizzed about the murder, he confessed that he had bought the knife earlier that day from a nearby supermarket along with gloves and a towel.

After committing the gruesome murder the defendant changed into a shirt he took from the closet, before fleeing with the jewellery bag. He told his friend in Sharjah to keep the jewellery for him, alleging that he purchased the items for his sister.

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