A costly affair

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A costly affair

This story depicts how one man’s desperation for love saw him fall prey to an avaricious woman, losing more than one million dirham in the process in a bid to save the honour of himself and his first wife.

By Staff Reporter

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Published: Sat 17 Aug 2013, 12:55 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 7:58 AM

After years of marriage and the birth of several children, one couple’s love dwindled away and passionate affection turned to mutual respect.

Desperate to fall in love again, the husband thought the only way to get back the love he was missing was to marry a second wife, but one thing played on his mind. What about the mother of his children? He felt the addition of a second wife would hurt her feelings and cause her shame, which was not his intention, so he decided the only way to prevent this from happening was to marry in secret.

After meeting what he thought was the perfect woman, the husband felt alive again. The spark was back in his life and he became infatuated with his new girlfriend.

But things started to get complicated when she kept asking for marriage. She told him she felt he would abandon her after making love to her, so she wanted the reassurance of marriage, but he explained that he was afraid it would cause problems in his marriage if his first wife found out about the relationship.

His girlfriend would not back down and after a long discussion, the two lovers decided the best course of action was to tie the knot in secret, to avoid any problems with the husband’s first wife. In exchange for her approval on keeping the marriage secret, the man issued his soon-to-be wife a post-dated cheque worth Dh1 million as a deferred dowry, a flat, in her name, in a free hold property zone in the UAE so she could get a residence visa, in addition to a luxury car of her choice.

The two then eloped to a neighbouring Arab state, where they sealed the deal and became husband and wife.

Upon returning to the UAE, the first few weeks of marriage went by smoothly, but soon his second wife began insinuating that he divorce his first wife.

Her constant pressures began to grate on the husband but he kept his cool as he knew a break up would be much more costly. It then became increasingly obvious that the only thing his new wife cared about was the Dh1 million they had earlier agreed upon, and she was intent on making their own marriage fail so she could divorce him and retrieve the cash.

One day when he went to go and pray, he left his second wife alone in the car. When he was out of sight she grabbed his phone and got the telephone number of his first wife. She then called her from his mobile and told her that they shared the same husband, and the proof was that she was calling her from his personal phone.

She hoped the news would have angered the first wife, leading to her confronting her husband and forcing him to choose between her and his second wife. Because of the children the shared together, the second wife knew the husband would feel pressured to choose his first wife, which is turn would lead to a divorce between him and her (second wife), in turn meaning she would get the Dh1 million.

What she did not expect was the first wife to keep quiet. She was disappointed that she did not react to the news or confront her husband, so she began planning her next move.

One day, her husband called to tell her (the second wife) that he would not come home for lunch as he was invited to his brother-in-law and his paternal cousins for a feast. This is when she availed on that invitation an opportunity to achieve her goals. She went to the gate of the house where her husband was dining with family members and called him and began threatening him that either he divorce her or she will enter the premises and disclose everything to the guests, shaming him and his first wife in the process.

Subject to this threat, he had no other choice but to divorce her for fear of scandal and disgrace. Once he agreed, she was then guaranteed the residence visa as per the apartment ownership contract (title contract), the Dh1 million as a dowry, and they luxury car — not a bad deal after less than one month’s marriage she thought. After the divorce, she submitted the cheque to the Abu Dhabi Civil Court, where she won the case and the estranged husband was ordered to pay the value of the cheque despite the attempts of his defence lawyer who argued that his client was a prey to the fraud of the complainant.

The court held that there was no justification not to consider the cheque, as the husband did not deny his signature, nor handing it over to his estranged wife. The Court of Appeal upheld the Civil Court’s verdict and rejected the husband’s plea, so the second wife walked away happy. -news@khaleejtimes.com

(This report is published in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department)

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