4kg crystal meth seized at Dubai airport

The Dubai Customs recently foiled a bid to smuggle 4kg of narcotic crystal, worth over Dh140,000 in the black market, at the Dubai International Airport, Terminal 2.

Published: Sun 10 Oct 2021, 4:05 PM

According to a senior official, the contraband was extracted from secret pockets in the two bags of an Asian passenger.

Ali Al Mugahwi, Director of Airport Operations at Dubai Customs, on Monday said the man was planning to sell the drugs in the local market. “The vigilant customs inspectors, competent in interpreting body language, suspected the man as he looked confused and worried.”

When he reached the Inspection Area, the suspect was asked about the contents of his luggage. “He said he only had some clothes and personal items.”

The man’s luggage (two bags) was then referred to the X-ray scan which showed an abnormal intensity on the sides of the bags, and hence they were manually searched.

“Manual inspection of the luggage led to the discovery of the hidden pockets loaded with a total of 4.1kg of narcotic crystals — 2.15kg in the pocket of the first bag and 1.96kg in the pocket of the second bag,” he said.

The drug smuggler, during interrogation, admitted to smuggling the drugs into the country with the intention of trafficking in the local market.

“The seized drugs and the suspect were referred to the Dubai Police for legal action.”

Late in June this year, the Dubai Customs thwarted a bid to smuggle 2kg of narcotic crystals, worth over Dh70,000, by an African passenger at the Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1.

Crystal meth is a form of methamphetamine which is a white crystalline drug that people consume by snorting, smoking or injecting it with a needle. It is a powerful and extremely addictive man-made stimulant and its use can lead to severe physiological and psychological dependence. The clear crystal chunks, similar in appearance to actual ice or glass, are odorless and colourless.

Effects of narcotic crystals include suppressed appetite, interference with sleeping behaviour, mood swings and unpredictability, tremors and convulsions, increased blood pressure and irregular heart rate.

“Users may also experience homicidal or suicidal thoughts, prolonged anxiety, paranoia and insomnia. Long-term effects of crystal meth use can include brain damage (similar to the effects of Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease), coma, stroke or death.” -ahmedshaaban@khaleejtimes.com

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