4 men arrested for Palm Jumeirah thefts in Dubai

4 men arrested for Palm Jumeirah thefts in Dubai

Dubai - The four confessed that they came to the UAE to commit the thefts.


Amira Agarib

Published: Sun 14 Jul 2019, 6:02 PM

Last updated: Sun 14 Jul 2019, 8:12 PM

The Dubai Public Prosecution has charged four Kyrgyzstan men for allegedly carrying out a spate of thefts in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The gang reportedly targeted villas when its occupants were not at home, mostly during nights.
They used iron tools to break the doors and windows and stole valuables, including jewellery, gold and cash, as well as electronic devices.
Recently, the operations room of the Dubai Police received information about a theft that took place in Palm Jumeirah. The team swung into action and rushed to the site. A Canadian woman complained that said she travelled to Pakistan and received a call from her brother that thieves broke into her Dubai villa and stolen valuables from the safe. When she returned to Dubai, the woman found that the thieves had stolen Dh500,000 and $10,000 and gold coins as well as two Rolex watches, which were valued around Dh151,000.
They also made away with jewellery, passports, banks cards and cheque books.
After launching an investigation, the police laid traps in the area and intensified undercover patrols.
The modus operandi of the thefts were probed and the thieves identified. The police raided the flat of the three accused. They seized gloves and a bag containing tools.
They matched the finger prints on the tools with those lifted from the woman complainant's villa. The police found that the thieves had left the UAE after committing the thefts. When the gang members arrived in Dubai after sometime, the cops pounced on the thieves and arrested them.
During the interrogation, the four confessed that they came to the UAE to commit the thefts.
The police seized the stolen items. The four suspects were referred to public prosecution for further investigations.

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