UAE: Public Prosecution highlights obligations of educational institutions for those who test Covid positive

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Abu Dhabi - Infected people should be referred to a doctor for examination and a report has to be filed

By Wam

Published: Sun 29 Aug 2021, 4:30 PM

Educational institutions, and other such facilities must abide by their obligations if they suspect a student or staff member is infected with a communicable disease like Covid-19, the UAE Public Prosecution has announced on its social media account.

According to Public Prosecution, under Article (12) of the Federal Law No. (14) of 2014 Concerning the Prevention of Communicable Diseases, if the director of an educational institution or any other facility suspects that a student or an employee has been infected with a communicable disease, such as Covid-19, the director must refer the person to a specialist doctor for examination and file a report, including stating the nature of his/her disease.

If the person is infected, the director must report the matter to the ministry or health authority immediately and take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

The infected person, and his contacts, must be isolated and put under quarantine. They should not be allowed to enter the facility, and stopped from coming in contact with other people during periods indicated by the law, ministry or the health authority.

The director should allow the infected person to return to the facility only after fulfilling all the conditions determined by the health ministry.

The Public Prosecution published this information as part of its ongoing campaign to promote legal culture and raise public awareness about the pandemic.

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