Pakistan-UAE flights: Airfares nearly double; one-way ticket costs Dh2,000

Photo: Wam
Photo: Wam

Dubai - Air travel between the two countries recently resumed, following the implementation of rapid PCR test facilities at airports.


Waheed Abbas

Published: Mon 16 Aug 2021, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 Aug 2021, 1:28 PM

Airfares for Pakistan-UAE flights have skyrocketed amid pent-up demand and limited availability of passenger flights.

The steep ticket prices come as air travel between the two countries recently resumed, following the implementation of rapid PCR test facilities at airports in Pakistan.

Airlines data showed that passengers flying from Pakistan to UAE will have to shell out hefty amounts, as a one-way ticket now costs nearly double the average airfare that passengers used to pay prior to the suspension of flights four months ago.

As per the official Airblue website, one-way airfares from Islamabad to Sharjah for August 17 costs an eye-watering Rs92,920 (approx. Dh2,075), while a one-way Lahore to Sharjah ticket on August 18 costs Rs84,033 (approx. Dh1,875).

Similarly, one-way airfare on flydubai’s Karachi to Dubai flight on August 18 costs Rs95,295 (approx. Dh2,135) per passenger.

The UAE recently eased a travel ban on passengers from Pakistan and five other countries, including India, but made it mandatory for passengers to carry out a rapid PCR test, which should be conducted within airport premises. Pakistan has set up laboratories at all its international airports to conduct rapid PCR tests for UAE-bound passengers.

Bharat Aidasani, managing partner of Pluto Travels, said airfares are very high because flights were suspended for four months. As a result, a lot of people are still stranded and wish to return to their jobs or take care of business.

“The airfares will remain high till the end of this month because of strong demand, as a lot of people want to return to the UAE on an urgent basis. Airlines also had a lot of ticket cancellations due to the suspension of flights. Moreover, flights are limited, therefore the airfares are high. However, the airlines may increase frequencies on Pakistan-UAE routes,” said Aidasani.

“It will take another 20 days or so before the airfares return to a more realistic level.”

Expat Mohammed Aslam said he managed to get the tickets but paid a heavy sum to return to the UAE. “Many people suggested that I should quarantine in a third country and then fly to the UAE. But that’s even more expensive and affordability was certainly an issue for me,” he said.

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