Dubai prepares to reopen mosques with coronavirus safety rules

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Dubai - IACAD has put up circulars at mosques listing new guidelines ahead of the official announcement.

By Saman Haziq

Published: Sat 30 May 2020, 11:08 PM

Last updated: Sun 12 Jul 2020, 1:10 AM

Dubai is getting ready to reopen the doors of mosques (and other places of worship). Although no date for opening the mosques to public has been announced yet by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. However, it has issued detailed guidelines and precautions for mosques to create awareness for when an announcement is made.
Some of the mosques have placed posters of detailed guidelines that worshippers must adhere to when the mosques open.
The guidelines clearly point out that even when the mosques open, the ladies prayer halls shall remain closed until further notice. It also added that people above the age of 60 and children (below 12 years) will not be allowed to come to the mosques for prayers for their own safety.
You must adhere to these new mosque rules when coming to offer prayers:
- The worshippers should leave an empty row gap between every two rows.
- Leave 1.5m gap between every two person.
- It is mandatory for all worshippers to wear gloves and masks.
- All worshippers must bring their own Musalla (prayer mat) to the Masjid.
- No handshakes allowed, worshippers can just wave at each other and say Salaam from a distance
- The worshippers shall not assemble before or after prayer.
- No second Jamaah (Congregation) or praying alone separately after the completion of Fard prayer behind Imam.
- The must leave the masjid as soon as the obligatory prayer in congregation is over.
- Those who are in contact with Covid-19 patients should not enter the masjid to ensure safety of other worshippers.
- Those who are suffering from chronic diseases or have weak immunity should not come to masjid for prayers for their own safety.
Age restrictions

- Aged people (above 60 years) and children (below 12 years) should not come to the Masjid for prayers, for their own safety.

Rules for prayers in the mosque:
-  The masjid shall remain open only for 20 minutes from the time of azan until the end of obligatory prayer in congregation ( that roughly takes 20 minutes)
- The obligatory prayer shall be performed immediately after azan
- The majsid will be closed soon after each congregational prayer
- It is not allowed to leave face masks and gloves at the entrance of the mosque
- All sorts of distribution, be it food or anything else, is strictly prohibited.
- The doors of the mosque should be kept open from the beginning of the azan until the end of prayer.
- Ladies prayer halls shall remain closed until further notice
-  Bathrooms and ablution areas shall remain closed until further notice
The UAE first announced the suspension of public prayers in all places of worship on March 16 - a fatwa was issued to close the mosques. The National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority and General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIA) said prayers at mosques, churches and temples would be suspended from 9pm on March 16 for four weeks, to contain the spread of the coronavirus and protect public health.
On April 9 however, the UAE extended the closure of mosques and other places of worship until further notice.
This year, citizens and residents were told to offer Ramadan, Taraweeh and Eid Al Fitr prayers at home under the #StayHome and stay safe campaign that aimed at curbing the virus spread by limiting social and public gatherings.
The UAE is home to thousands of mosques, over 40 Christian churches, and a Hindu temple.

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