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Covid in UAE: Change in Abu Dhabi entry rules drives optimism

From Monday, Al Hosn green pass will not be mandatory to enter the emirate from within the country

File photo
File photo

Ashwani Kumar

Published: Sat 26 Feb 2022, 8:10 PM

Community members travelling to Abu Dhabi from other emirates in the UAE are elated as the green pass status on Al Hosn app is no longer a criteria to enter the emirate from Monday.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee also removed the use of EDE facial scanners done at the border to rapidly detect positive cases.

The public underlined that such relaxations were positive indicators of returning to normalcy during the pandemic. Most of them pointed out that they would still continue to do Covid-19 PCR tests as a green pass was required to enter Abu Dhabi’s public places, malls, shopping centres, hotels and government buildings. However, they are looking forward to enjoying a non-stop ride through the border, which will boost optimism and have a positive impact on the economy.


Shafeek Abdul Raheem, Abu Dhabi-based bakery owner who frequently travels across the country, is delighted.

“I didn’t mind the border checks as they were for our safety. However, you lose time on it. You stop, show the app and then resume your journey. And now the Covid-19 cases are dipping, such relaxation makes sense. Even the other measures being eased, including the mask rules and PCR test for travel, will boost the morale of the business community, especially small players like us. This will positively impact the economy. This is like a booster shot.”

Abdallah Adel, an Egyptian trader based in Dubai, is elated as the border controls are withdrawn.

“Yes, it’s a relaxed drive thru now at the border. No hassle of stopping. Even earlier, it was an easy process at the border. The officers were swift with their checks. But you would still be taking the PCR. It’s ok. We are slowly going back to normal,” Adel added.

Thiwanka Ishara, a Sri Lankan expat working in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, welcomed the decision.

“The border checks and screening requirements defined Abu Dhabi’s fight against the pandemic in the last couple of months. Even though for our safety, the border checks did act as a deterrent for some people against travelling to Abu Dhabi, especially those coming here for leisure. Now, people can freely travel and enjoy their time. It’s a good move for the businesses too.”

The new entry relaxations will come into effect from Monday, February 28.

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