Covid-19: Simple ways that make you happy, boost immunity

Abu Dhabi - Happiness is also allowed and it's a very good booster of our immune systems.

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Ashwani Kumar

Published: Fri 20 Mar 2020, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 21 Mar 2020, 2:49 PM

Living in uncertain times of social distancing, self-quarantine and isolation, there are still ways to find happiness, said a clinical psychologist in Abu Dhabi.

"A smile is a universal way to share and spread happiness to others. It's one of the first social responses little babies have or react to," said Dr Vedrana Mladina, clinical psychologist and senior wellness counselor, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

"It is normal to be predominantly concerned about so many rapidly changing facts and measures that are being taken to try to stop the spread of Covid-19. However, happiness is also allowed and it's a very good booster of our immune systems. Listening to happy and upbeat music, watching comedies, playing board games, cooking and baking together at home could contribute to happiness at this time," Dr Vedrana told Khaleej Times while marking International Happiness Day.

She noted that helping and supporting others is a great source of happiness.

"These are challenging and trying times, but they also remind us of our common humanity and importance of supporting one another. Helping and supporting each other through this difficult time should be the ultimate source of happiness for all of us," said Dr Vedrana, who is also the counseling team leader at the Health Centre of NYUAD.

She noted that parents need to show more calmness and responsibility while dealing with the present situation as children are keenly watching and following them.

"Children are generally very vigilant and observant, especially when it comes to their parents. Therefore, it is extremely important that parents stay composed and aware of their own behaviours and model calmness and reassurance to their children."

"Making sure that children have a healthy routine and that they are busy with meaningful activities at this time is crucial. Also, answering any questions they might have about the coronavirus spread and explaining what they can and should be doing to make sure they stay healthy is also very important," she added. 

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