Covid-19 in UAE: Vaccine approval brings cheer to pregnant women


Dubai - All DHA vaccination centers have started providing the vaccines to pregnant women starting from Tuesday.

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By Nandini Sircar

Published: Wed 30 Jun 2021, 8:38 PM

An increasing number of expecting mothers have welcomed the move by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) who recently announced that it has started vaccinating pregnant women against Covid-19.

All DHA vaccination centers have started providing the vaccines to pregnant women starting from Tuesday. Pregnant women feel UAE’s efforts to expand its coverage of all social categories will shield them from risks of infection especially at a stage when they are quite vulnerable.

Expecting mother and a doctor herself, Dr Shamna V. who had contracted Covid-19 when she was 33 weeks pregnant says, “I would recommend all eligible pregnant women to go for the vaccine. I had contracted Covid-19 and got pneumonia and experienced complications and health problems myself. I am 36 weeks pregnant now and I already have antibodies so I am now eligible to take the vaccine only sometime after I deliver”, says Shamna who is a general practitioner (GP) at V Care Polyclinic, Dubai.

She also explains if a pregnant mother is inoculated it can provide multiple protection to both the mother and the foetus with the latter also having antibodies.

She adds, “I understand that people may have doubts as no large trials or data is available about the vaccine on pregnant ladies but I can say from my own experience and based on a risk benefit analysis that taking the vaccine and its consequent benefits far outweigh the risks.”

Canadian expat Rohini Caesar who is due in August says, “it is a great step taken by the UAE government. I would have taken it a little earlier on but now I am almost nearing my delivery and frankly I have been quite homebound during this period. Besides, most people around me are fully vaccinated. So, I’ve decided to take the shot after my delivery whenever my doctor deems fit. Even in Canada authorities have started vaccinating pregnant mothers. I am just a little concerned about the side effects that the vaccine may or may not have on me.”

She adds, “I have two other children, one is a toddler and the other one is four, so if I am down with side effects, taking care of them alone will be a challenge for my husband. Therefore, I would prefer to wait for a couple of months more and then go for it.”

Doctors advise that the vaccine should be taken after 13 weeks of pregnancy and before taking the vaccine, pregnant women, especially those with underlying health conditions, should consult with a specialist doctor who has been monitoring their pregnancy.

Dubai resident Insiya Ahmed says, “I will take the vaccine but not right away. I am still in the initial stages of my pregnancy. Based on what my doctor advises, I will go for a jab, which also will largely depend on how things progress on the health front.I am eight weeks pregnant and have been advised by my doctor to wait until the end of the first trimester to take the vaccine.”


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