Coronavirus vaccine in UK to be rolled out within weeks: Report

Dubai - Two vaccines have been earmarked for use, according to medical publication Pulse.

By Web report

Published: Wed 4 Nov 2020, 2:10 AM

Last updated: Wed 4 Nov 2020, 2:16 AM

A coronavirus vaccine could be rolled out for the over-85s and front-line workers in the UK in as little as four weeks, reports suggest.

As Britain's MailOnline reported on Tuesday, plans are afoot for the long-awaited jab to be administered by GPs, teams visiting care homes and at-scale delivery centres at the start of December.

That all depends on a vaccine being approved, of course.

The Oxford coronavirus vaccine and Pfizer's jab are both in stage three human trials, with at least one expected to report its results this side of Christmas.

The Oxford vaccine is considered one of the global front-runners in the frenzied race to find a vaccine.

According to MailOnline, GP publication Pulse reports that there are two vaccines earmarked for use, including one that requires two shots and needs to be stored at 70C (158F).

NHS England has yet to endorse the reports but Government sources told MailOnline they have heard health service is preparing themselves to be on stand-by to deliver the vaccine in December.

One GP reportedly claimed he had known about it since last week but 'was keeping schtum as requested while we got our act together', complaining about there being 'lots of unanswered questions'.

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