Coronavirus in UAE: Debunking the rumours

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Dubai - Don't fall for rumours floating around on social media.

By Staff Report

Published: Wed 29 Jan 2020, 7:26 PM

Last updated: Wed 29 Jan 2020, 9:28 PM

The first cases of coronavirus were reported in the UAE on Wednesday, when a family of four was tested positive for the infection. The family is now stable. However, the news has resulted in the spread of several rumours on social media.

Khaleej Times debunks some of them.

Rumour: Don't eat meat

Reality: Eating meat is safe. You have to be careful while handling raw meat, especially if you are in the infected region. People in the UAE don't have to worry. It is advisable to eat fully-cooked meat as a general precaution.

Rumour: Homoeopathy has cure for coronavirus

Reality: These medical claims are not proven and people should not fall for these. This may in fact lead to worsening your condition. Always seek certified medical care.

Rumour: Don't eat Chinese food

Reality: Chinese food that is made in the UAE is safe. Making well-cooked food is what matters. The kind of cuisine has no bearing on increasing the risk of infection. So, you can eat well-cooked Chinese food.

Rumour: Don't go to Dragon Mart

Reality: You should take precautions when you are in public places. The nationality or ethnicity of people does not make them infectious. It is their history of travel that poses risks.

Courtesy: Dr Vanesha Varik

Specialist Laparoscopic And General Surgeon

Chairperson Infection Control Department

Aster Hospital, Mankhool

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