Coronavirus: Dubai's KHDA answers all your questions on school breaks

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Dubai - Parents have been checking with the authority on the upcoming school closures.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 5 Mar 2020, 12:28 PM

Last updated: Fri 6 Mar 2020, 8:55 AM

Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority on Thursday issued a long list of Q&As parents and students might have about the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The UAE Ministry of Education recently announced that all nurseries, schools and universities in the UAE will close for four weeks starting Sunday, March 8.

The KHDA on its website listed out some of the questions schools and universities have been asking, and provided answers.

FAQs from schools
Will this be a four-week holiday for schools?

No. The first two weeks, starting March 8, will comprise the spring break holiday for all school students. For the two weeks beginning Sunday, March 22, schools should deliver classes through distance learning.

During this time, teachers and staff are encouraged to organise their work schedule with school management in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What kind of distance learning will be provided? Will all schools offer this?

Private schools in Dubai are at different levels of preparedness regarding distance learning, but each should provide some form of learning during the two-week period beginning March 22.

Please contact your child's school directly to find out if and/or how they will be enabling learning during this time.

Spring break was supposed to finish on Thursday, April 9. Does this mean that schools will get an additional week off?

No. All schools in the UAE will be closed for four weeks only starting Sunday, March 8. They will be resuming on Sunday April 5.

My kids have exams coming up. What happens with those?

All international exam boards have a contingency plan, and they are working on customised solutions for each country affected by school closures. They will be communicating these plans with schools in the UAE as soon as they are ready.

Higher education students should speak directly to their university to find what plans are in place for exams.

Will my children still be able to communicate with their teachers if they need help?

Different schools will manage this situation in different ways. Please ask your children's school directly.

How will online lessons be delivered if services are blocked in UAE?

Your school will send details of any applications you may need. We are working with telecommunications providers to help support schools with their distance learning requirements.

Will all after-school activities, camps and events resume after the four-week break is finished?

Guidance on internal and external school gatherings following the break will be shared shortly.

Does this four-week closure have any impact on the dates of summer holidays?

No. The dates of summer holidays remain unchanged.

Will I be able to get a refund from the school to cover the days my children aren't at school?

No. Schools will continue to provide education online after the spring break.

We have a DSIB inspection that is scheduled to take place during the school closure. Will this go ahead?

No. DSIB inspections will not go ahead during school closures. The DSIB team will be in touch with schools affected.

FAQs from universities

Will this be a four-week holiday for universities?

No. Universities do not have spring break scheduled into their academic calendars. Nevertheless, students should not enter the university campus for four weeks starting Sunday, March 8. Instead, their learning should be delivered through online platforms. (Students can still live at university residences during this time.)

During this time, faculty and staff are encouraged to organise their work schedule with university management in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I live in university accommodation on campus. Am I expected to find another place to live?

Only common learning areas across universities will be closed for four weeks. You can continue to live within the residences on campus.

My university was scheduled for a quality assurance visit. Will this go ahead?

No - all quality assurance audits will be rescheduled and the higher education team from KHDA will be in touch with universities affected.

Who can I contact for more information about the Coronavirus?

Please call:
- Estijaba Service on 8001717
- Dubai Health Authority on 800342 or
- Ministry of Health and Prevention on 80011111

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