Contain Covid-19 mental contagion by keeping calm with these activities

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Dubai - In moments of doubt, here is a guide that'll help everyone address their mental health.

By Nandini Sircar

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Published: Fri 27 Mar 2020, 3:12 PM

Last updated: Fri 27 Mar 2020, 5:26 PM

Fears over the pandemic can be managed. Psychologists and sundry human behavior experts have repeatedly expressed the need for taking practical steps and remaining optimistic so as to mitigate fears and manage the surge of anxiety.

In moments of doubt, here is a guide that'll help everyone address their mental health.
Practice Anxiety Relief Exercises for Mental Well-Being

In case you are feeling anxious, take several slow, deep breaths to calm down. Count slowly to four as you breathe in and then count slowly to five as you breathe out. It's said, this simple exercise reduces activity of the sympathetic nervous system responsible for our fight or flight response - and this in turn can lower anxiety levels.
Savour Small Moments and Cheer Communities from Windows

Savour the small moments like smelling the coffee, feeling the warm shower on your back as we learn to introspect more. It is better do something, rather than simply sitting with uncomfortable emotions. Cheer together in government efforts from your balconies. Spend more time looking out of the window at the world, smile and reflect. Simple things like strumming the guitar or playing the keyboard for your neighbours and community workers can also lighten the mood. Music is a great healer.

Watch Quarantine Diaries of Celebs to Lift Spirits

Celebrities have been sharing their stories on social media showing what they are doing while in self-isolation. Many celebs have been bringing out their inner chef posting pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was seen in the kitchen, instructing people on how to do the dishes properly. Many stars are seen sharing health and fitness tips with their fans. Pop artists such as Coldplay, Keith Urban and John Legend have been streaming live performances to cheer people. Go on, feel like one of them.

Look Out for Positive Online Support Initiatives

Diluting the negative impact of the Covid-19 news, many philanthropic initiatives, acts of kindness and positive news stories are constantly emerging on social media. Look out those, rather than continuously being mired with news that'll make one sad. Escape into the Printed World

As the Covid-19 crisis has confined us to our homes, take respite and escape into the printed world. It is a real chance to catchup on eclectic reading. For some, it may mean cleaning the dust off the books that have been sitting on our shelves forever now, books  we had resolved to pick it up on some distant day. The internet has allowed new book clubs to form and many are already sharing pictures of books they had stockpiled for self-isolation under the hashtag #CoronavirusReadingStack.

Meditation and Online Prayer Communities

Meditation, spirituality and religiousness have reportedly been associated with a heightened sense of  well-being. Measures have been adopted by different faiths in the UAE to mitigate the Covid-19 panic and to reinforce normalcy as much as possible. These include, audio and video calls for holding Islamic classes, live-streaming of masses by Churches and webcasts of weekly satsangs by Hindu temples. They all contribute to the feel good sensation.

Create Group Online Activities

The upside to these circumstances is a noticeable spike in smartphone activities. Focus on hobbies as an online community. Use technology to create groups. Employ visual aids tools to virtually exercise together, virtually paint together, virtually sing and dance together, chat, laugh, and cheer and keep up the happy emotions.
Visit Online Museums and Galleries

Do not retreat into nail-gnawing panic. Take time out to check out online museums and art galleries with your family. Take a virtual tour of these surreal worlds from your iPads and laptops. Several museums' rooms and shows display a series of panoramic pictures highlighting a selection of works and exhibited objects.  Get ready to take the children to infinity and beyond, while you gather around your laptop on the sofa.

Most of all, stay calm, stay cool ,stay safe.

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