Covid-19: UAE expats see a return to ‘old normal’ soon

Dubai - Cases have dropped dramatically over the past few months

By Nandini Sircar & Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Sun 24 Oct 2021, 9:59 PM

For three days in a row, the UAE’s daily tally of Covid cases did not go beyond 100.

Thanks to the vision for recovery set by the country’s leaders, a robust vaccination campaign and the public’s commitment to safety rules, the Covid-19 situation has been under control.

The UAE reported 94 cases on Sunday, 84 on Saturday and 88 on Friday.

With the exception of international travel, life is largely back to the ‘old normal’ for most residents.

“We are so happy to be returning to the old normal now. Just the other day, my friends and I were discussing that probably in a month or two, it will be time for us to remove our masks completely. I hope the numbers continue to go down like this,” said Dr Ben Lebig Jr, a Filipino expat who has been living in Dubai for the past 16 years.

He added: “The UAE has done a stellar job in curbing the pandemic. I congratulate the government for leading the way and for this accomplishment.”

French expat Chloé Monet said she is proud to be a resident of a country that has handled the pandemic efficiently and effectively.

“From its world-class medical facilities to a mass testing drive, its management of Covid-19 cases, and the distribution of vaccines, the UAE has set an extraordinary example on how to handle difficult situations. I feel safe here,” Monet said.

Indian expat Arijit Nandi, who has been in the UAE since 2007, said: “With the numbers going down below 100 consecutively, the situation definitely looks optimistic. I am grateful to the UAE Government for all their efforts and for managing the crisis so well.”

Seeing how the cases have dropped drastically over the past few months, Egyptian expat Mina Kiwan now feels more comfortable going out.

“As a UAE resident, I am fully confident of following the country’s leaders’ directions...Taking off masks is something we are all looking forward to. However, we should keep it on in crowded areas as the safety of the community, especially the elderly, should remain a priority,” Kiwan said.

Malaysian expat Adilatul said: “I am so glad things are getting much better now. People are more comfortable and happier to go out and about although masks are still compulsory. It looks promising that we are going to live Covid-free.”

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