Coronavirus: UAE reports 883 Covid-19 cases, 416 recoveries, 2 deaths

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Dubai - The UAE has one of the highest recovery rates in the world, as well as one of the lowest death rates.

By Web Report

Published: Wed 9 Sep 2020, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 10 Sep 2020, 11:04 AM

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Wednesday reported 883 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, along with 416 recoveries. Two deaths were also reported.
More than 85,000 new Covid-19 tests have been carried out, the ministry added, taking the total to over 7.7 million till date.
The last time 883 cases were reported was on May 27, 2020. Today's infections are the fourth highest recorded in the UAE:
- May 27: 883 cases
- May 22: 994 cases
- May 21: 894 cases
- May 20: 941 cases

However, at 0.5 per cent, the country has one of the lowest death rates in the world. It also has among the highest recovery rates in the world at 90 per cent. Dr Omar Al Hammadi, official spokesperson for the UAE government, said yesterday: "The high rate of recovery is largely due to the modern and innovative treatment methods, the expansion of the scope of examinations, the availability of medical personnel and supplies, the increase in the capacity to receive cases, and the availability of a strategic stock of medicine."

The ministry has once again urged the public to follow all preventive guidelines after it was revealed yesterday that a Covid-positive UAE resident, who failed to follow the due safety measures, spread the infection to three families. Despite showing symptoms of the virus, he did not self-isolate and spread it to his wife and 44 others. His callousness resulted in the death of an elderly relative of his.

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