UAE: Filipinos told not to present fake airline tickets to skip OEC online appointment

The warning comes after a few were caught presenting tampered tickets to enter the Migrant Workers Office and get their employment contract verified


Angel Tesorero

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Published: Sun 7 May 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 7 May 2023, 3:16 PM

Filipino expatriates going home this summer are reminded by the Philippine Migrant Workers Office (MWO) in Dubai not to get bogus airline tickets to skip the online appointment for acquiring an overseas employment certificate (OEC).

Philippine labour attaché John Rio Aceveda Bautista told Khaleej Times they have caught a few Filipinos who presented dummy or tampered airline tickets to enter the MWO and get their employment contract verified.

Work contract verification is a pre-requisite to acquire an OEC, which serves as an exit pass and document certifying the regularity of recruitment and employment of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW).

Assigned from presenting a verified contract, passport and visa, a confirmed airline ticket is required to be presented to the MWO, an appointment-only transaction to get an OEC.

Bautista noted there are only a few who still presented fake tickets, unlike last year when MWO witnessed huge crowds and lengthy lines outside its premises

“We would like to remind our kababayans (countrymen) not to present tampered tickets or stamps to MWO as this constitutes a violation with subsequent penalties,” Bautista said, explaining: “This is a form of misrepresentation that can result to an administrative case filed against the worker. This can also be a criminal case for falsification.”


Bautista also clarified that MWO considers emergency cases and there are instances that people don’t need an appointment to acquire an OEC.

John Rio Aceveda Bautista
John Rio Aceveda Bautista

“If it’s really emergency situation, people can go to MWO without appointment. They just need to show their airline ticket and provide a proof of the emergency case,” explained Bautista. “They can then apply for an OEC in the Philippines before coming back to the UAE,” he added.

“If it’s about contract verification, they can submit the requirements online every Monday from 8am and we have 500 to 600 slots.”

Why OFWs need OEC

Employment contract verification is a pre-requisite for the issuance of an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). All OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) are required to have an OEC before returning to their work overseas.

The OEC, which actually is an exit pass, is a document certifying the regularity of recruitment and documentation of an OFW.


The OEC is presented to the immigration officer at the airport of exit in the Philippines. An OFW exiting from the Philippines without OEC may be prevented by the immigration officer from leaving the country.

An OFW who holds OEC is exempted from travel tax and airport terminal fee in the Philippines. Their spouse or dependents can also enjoy reduced travel tax.

Filipinos working in Dubai and the Northern Emirates get their employment contract certified at the Philippine Migrant Workers Office located at Street No. 2C, Beirut Street, Al Qusais 3, Dubai.

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