Russian Food: Hearty, simple and filling

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Russian Food: Hearty, simple and filling
Beef Stroganoff

Dubai - The best of Russian cuisine here in Dubai


Nivriti Butalia

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Published: Sat 12 Nov 2016, 11:01 PM

Russia is the largest country in the world, so you can bet your bublik (kind of a bagel) that the cuisine is incredibly varied. And here in the UAE, it is tweaked to appeal to palates of a more varied clientele. So, for instance, on the menu of Suvoroff (at JBR), there's a dish called 'diet okroshka' - Russian cold soup served with laban instead of sour cream. Russians are fond of their sour cream. It's in everything! And you can order it on the side as well.
Giving us tips on what to eat where, expat Tatiana Zhmakina Wilkins says, "I usually cook Russian food myself, but occasionally, we take family and friends to Suvoroff. I order schee (cabbage soup). My husband loves zharkoe (roast veal with potatoes in a pot) and salad olivier (also known as Russian salad). Kvass is a refreshing beverage they do." Several expats - women mostly - who live here, said they cook at home and don't often eat out at restaurants. Inna Akhnetova said, "I like cooking very much." Favourite dishes? "Pelmeni, borscht, pancakes (blini), compote (mors), and cake Napoleon - the Russian honey-layered cake."
Dmitry Krasnogor said his favourite restaurant is Tchaikovsky, but only because of their entertainment programmes. "I cannot say they are strong in terms of food. Most Russian restaurants in Dubai have poor quality food." As for food that touches a chord, Wilkins shares a memory from back in the day: "Pelmeni (dumplings) was a favourite dish in my childhood. We used to cook thousands of pieces in winter and store them in our balcony. It's really cold most of the year in Siberia, where I come from, so there was no need even for the freezer."



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