Popular RJ Kris Fade's Pakistani restaurant chain Ravi appeal pays off with 'busiest night'

David Light
Filed on June 2, 2020
Kris Fade


Radio presenter implores citizens to get out and get eating to save Pakistani dining institution

After 42 years of service, UAE-renowned Pakistani restaurant chain Ravi is experiencing trouble. Shutting its doors, along with most other non-essential businesses, as a result of the COVID-19 prevention measures and only recently re-opening after Ramadan has dramatically affected cash flow. With rent and wages for over 70 staff members  to pay, and income from deliveries barely scratching the surface,  it has been reported owner Chaudary Abdul Hameed has been forced to sell assets to keep the eateries afloat over the past two months.

It is a plight which has not gone unnoticed by Virgin Radio presenter Kris Fade. On his eponymous morning show, the local celebrity yesterday made an impassioned plea for people to get out and eat to save the business, even offering social media exposure to those who tagged their experience with the programme's Insta handle, @krisfadeshow. By Tuesday morning, results appear to show the appeal paid off.

Fade's affinity for the original Ravi premises in Satwa is long-established.

"Ravi was a restaurant that I visited when I first got here (UAE) about 11 years ago," he told City Times. "It always held a little bit of my heart. I love that old-school vibe. I took my fiancé on our first date there.

"When my parents come, my dad and I will get a traditional Satwa shave and then we'll go to Ravi."

Fade said the 2nd December Street adjacent property and its cuisine provides an authentic and inexpensive culinary adventure in a country lauded for its five-star grandeur.

On Tuesday's broadcast, the RJ invited the son of Ravi owner, Wasim Abdul Hameed, on the air and he had some good news to share.

"The night before he (Abdul Hameed) had sent me a message and said, 'Kris I've just spoken to the guys and it was an amazing night. It's been one of our busiest nights', which was great," Fade said. A live interview then recounted the tale to the listeners.  

"I think it's important to all get behind each other and help each other," Fade concluded." We're all struggling right now. We've all got our own favourite restaurants, we've all got our own favourite cafes. Now is the time to get out there and support as much as we can."

With the breaking news June 3 marks a permissible 100 per cent occupancy in Dubai's businesses; an increase in footfall should be on the cards.