Wedding belles with marital photographer Neil Aldrin Rodrigues

David Light (david@khaleejtimes.com)
Filed on August 12, 2014
Wedding belles with marital photographer Neil Aldrin Rodrigues

Marital photographer Neil Aldrin Rodrigues lets us in on some camera secrets

As the person in charge of getting those perfect shots on two peoples’ (not to mention their families’) most important day of their lives, Dubai photographer Neil Aldrin Rodrigues knows a thing or two about working under pressure.

Holding exhibitions in the city in 2013 and publishing his work in regional periodicals may be one thing, but it is nothing compared to facing an angry couple brandishing a blurry picture of their wedded bliss.

Wedding belles with marital photographer Neil Aldrin Rodrigues (/assets/oldimages/neil_0812.jpg)

Here he tells us how he likes to work and imparts a bit of wisdom for beginners and keen amateur snappers.

When did you get into photography and when did you believe it could become a career?

I always had interest in the field and, when my dad brought me a camera when I was 14, I took the opportunity and covered a few weddings. I worked hard to be technically sound and I took a few wedding workshops with some big names in the business in the UAE and India.

Can you describe the journey from amateur to professional?

I am a practicing architect, so I utilised my earnings and experience into acquiring the right lenses and gear. I started with Nikon Film cameras and now have pro Nikon digital cameras and lenses. I still ensure that I spend a minimum of two hours every day learning new techniques and concepts. Most of my photography assignments are during the weekend, which works well for me.

What camera would you recommend to a keen amateur or a beginner?

The Nikon D7100 is a good camera to start with. It is not an entry level camera, but a camera that can do a lot that most pro cameras do. The photography bug will bite you sooner or later and having a midrange camera with some good lenses will give you a good start, keep you going and will help you avoid some frustrations that most newbies face.

Which photographers do you admire and why?

Photographers such as Jerry Ghionis, Cliff Mauntner and Susan Stripling are some of the artists I follow. I admire the vision they have. All three are brilliant teachers and think out of the box. They can make magic out of any situation as long as they have the required quality of light.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you were starting out?

Over the years I have learnt and appreciated the meaning of love and its portrayal, the very soul of wedding photography. I shoot often with my wife, who is my big supporter and confidant and we complement each other well.

How does living in Dubai help being a photographer?

Dubai has provided the opportunity to keep abreast with technology. The picturesque locales of the UAE have always provided us the backdrop to some great images. Dubai has some very good photography clubs and the growth of photography has been tremendous in this region.

Do you have any tips specifically for holiday shots?

Holiday shots have two distinct kinds. You should either decide if the people or the locale are the subjects and shoot accordingly. Once you compromise on the two you get a picture that does not do justice to the locale or the people in it. Learn the basic rules of photography and that will hold you in good stead.

For more of Neil’s work visit www.photooneil.com