A few years ago if some one spoke about the softening of the borders between India and Pakistan they would have been labelled a traitor. Today right after the Islamabad initiative an aspiration is born in the hearts of both Indians and Pakistanis ...

By Soniya Kirpalani (Contributor)

Published: Tue 22 Jun 2004, 2:19 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:51 AM

to trace by the synergy that exists between their cultures.

When the Indian prime minister visited Pakistan the Press reported his 'summit meetings' but the most reported information was on his 'Sherwani' created by noted Pakistani designer Amir Adnan. It was Amir's minimalist refinement and mystique of his delicate embroidery that had won over the hearts of the establishment.

His embellishments are most often understated and he develops his own fabric to compliment his creativity. Amir is known as 'every groom's couturier - but then again he is also every common man's dream - as they dream of owning an 'Amir Adnan ensemble'. It were these accolades that made him venture into the Prêt parameter controls that market not just through product category but also through his amazing price points.

Working in partnership with Inter-Pret and Brand TV, he has embarked on regional expansion programme - by penetrating into global markets - India and UAE being the first. He is already signed into several signature stores in the region - like Aesthetics (for development of a special signature 'Women's Line') and in many regionally renowned stores - in a store in store format. Amir is now setting up his own salon and studio in Dubai to service both the markets - India and the Middle East.

In keeping with the essence of the brand Amir Adnan is taking on the last bastion known to any Pakistani designer as he penetrates the Indian designer wear market with his undeniable touch of freshness. Brand Management expert who has working to develop this segment -Asim Qureshi- articulates "We are introducing Amir Adnan to the Indian consumers through a series of cultural and socially interactive projects; where by hope to immerse our audience at every level, through info- entertainment, through events, experiences and expositions- a strategic store plan that leverages the label into the competitive market of India.''

At the core of this lies Amir Adnan myriad range of creativity that is visible in his style showing sand the way he conducts his events. Giving a podium to his creativity is Le Meridien Jaipur - where the weft and warp between India and Pakistan is going to be unveiled on August 14-15 2004. It is on this platform that Amir Adnan takes will 'weave' in a silken synergy with India's premiere design house Satya Paul. Recreating the ambience of an old Jaipuri village on the exquisite lawns of Le Meridien Jaipur, is the brainchild of none other than Mr. Bhatnagar, the general manager of the hotel who is spearheading this project. Promising to showcase the ethos of both cultures on a global platform the hotel has committed itself to capture the timeless traditionalism and cultural creativity of Amir Adnan.

When Amir was asked about his foray into both India and UAE, he answered 'It was but a natural concourse, this market is truly global; I am here to service my eastern clientele and also to introduce the international consumers into the beauty of eastern elements on international silhouettes. A natural extension of my markets and territories we have had a huge client base here and it provides the perfect pathway to the world." Welcome - is all we can say to someone this visionary designer.

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