Sarah Rashed launches bespoke Emirati Agency In-fluenceme

Filed on July 25, 2021

The agency has kicked off by launching its first ever influencer boxing event in the UAE.

For her latest business venture, UAE fashion pioneer Sarah Rashed has launched an Events & Talent management agency called In-fluenceme. In an interview, she said, “The agency has kicked off massively by launching its first ever influencer boxing event in the UAE. The event is headlined by Rashed Belhasa and some A-list musicians. Our aim is to bring the events business back to Dubai. During the pandemic, most agencies have shut down or cut down operations significantly. People in Dubai needed an event like this, and this is only a start. We have a number of events lined up in Q4 of this year.”

She revealed that her agency was “different because we believe in making future super stars”.

“In-fluenceme is not (about) just signing talents that are already famous. At the company we are all passionate about working together and our company mission is to ‘create something out of nothing’.”

On the upcoming influencer boxing event Social Knockout, she said; “For our first event we wanted to make sure we do something that’s never been done before. Influencer boxing is the future and we worked extremely hard on this project for the past few months; due to the current global situation something of this magnitude can be challenging but we have a terrific team. Also, having direct access to celebrities helps make things happen quicker.

What services are offered at In-fluenceme?

“We offer a wide range of bespoke services from events and PR marketing advice to execution strategies and talent hunts; however, our main focus is to give deserving talent a platform to showcase their skills. You don’t need to have millions of followers, as long as you have the drive and passion, we are always willing to work together and build your brand. All you have to do is visit our website www.in-fluenceme.ae and send your details to a staff member.”

She added; “We are already working with a number of brands both local and international and would love to expand our horizons in the future. However for now we are glued on to the boxing event to make sure we give the people of Dubai an evening full of entertainment at the Coca-Cola Arena on July 30. We are confident it is going to be a huge success and a permanent fixture in the Dubai events calendar for the future.”