Breaking down on set: Hina Khan talks of psychological thriller toll

David Light
Filed on July 14, 2020
Hina Khan


Starring in her second dark-side-of-the-web movie, Unlock, streaming now

We're at home for increasing amounts of time, our minds constantly wandering. No wonder broadband and data usage rates are through the roof! The Internet is our connection to the outside world. It delivers our entertainment, communication and now even groceries and dinner. Yet the whole technology sphere remains a mystery to most. When it works, it can make our lives incalculably more streamlined, but when it goes wrong we all tend to panic. Merely a misplaced tap on a fishy looking ad can have us emailing service providers or changing our passwords.

These are the fears Bollywood actor Hina Khan's last two movies have successfully exploited. Both psychological thrillers brought to us by Zee5 Global, Hacked and her latest picture Unlock have the Information Super Highway and its dark avenues at their core. The former showed how simple it can be for personal information to be stolen and used by those looking to do us harm. New film Unlock delves into apps.

"They (apps) are part of our everyday life and - even though it has a supernatural element - it is a cautionary tale as well as being entertaining," Khan said of her movie when we spoke last week. Currently still in lockdown over in India, the 32-year-old actor told us she had never previously been too concerned with devices or social media until #StayHome measures were implemented. Now, with more phone time logged, she sees how easily putting your whole life online can be and to what that can lead.

"Technology is taking over!

"Hacked took a toll on me because many of the points were based on true events. I was so sad that this (a stalker data mining for their nefarious deeds) actually happens. Two or three times I did break down on the sets and I was like, 'why the hell does this happen to anyone?'"

Breaking down on set: Hina Khan talks of psychological thriller toll (https://images.khaleejtimes.com/storyimage/KT/20200714/ARTICLE/200719222/H2/0/H2-200719222.jpg&MaxW=300&NCS_modified=20200729075617

In Unlock, Khan plays Suhani, a shy woman in love with her roommate's boyfriend. "She is trying to get some attention from him, but never does, so decides to download this app because she wants him at any cost," Khan said.

The app possesses the power to grant wishes in exchange for the user completing disturbing tasks.

"The tasks are quite scary. That's not a happy feeling. The message is that you should never jump onto easy things to get what you want."

Sage words from a performer whose impressive career over the last decade has encompassed television dramas, reality shows and now film. Though ask Khan what project instigated this success and the answer will come at you quicker than a small MP3 on a 250 mbps line.

"Bigg Boss completely changed my image," she said. "People started knowing me as 'Hina' and not a TV character name. Whatever I have done in my career, the credit has to go to Bigg Boss."

Breaking down on set: Hina Khan talks of psychological thriller toll (https://images.khaleejtimes.com/storyimage/KT/20200714/ARTICLE/200719222/V3/0/V3-200719222.jpg&MaxW=300&NCS_modified=20200729075617

What have you been up to while at home?

I've been watching a lot of stuff on different platforms. Zee5 has come up with some great shows and films. I loved Lalbazaar and Sate of Siege. Other than that: some reading, some singing, sketching and some cleaning!

Do you have a message for your UAE fans?

Whenever I come there I receive a lot of love. I know you guys have been following me for a long time. I love you and please watch my film Unlock, let me know what you think, and please stay safe.