'Tumhari Sulu' review: Vidya Balan will win you over

The film unfolds with her becoming the voice of a late-night show, meant for the lonely hearts.
The film unfolds with her becoming the voice of a late-night show, meant for the lonely hearts.

A simple family film that will warm your heart

By Anita Iyer

Published: Fri 17 Nov 2017, 5:42 PM

It is not the first time Vidya Balan has carried a film solely on her shoulders and floored us with her act. Expectations were soaring high as the trailer of 'Tumhari Sulu' showcased a regular housewife in Mumbai donning the hat of a sultry radio jockey.
And the film is just that. Vidya Balan is Sulochana from the suburbs of Mumbai, living a mundane life of a housewife who desires more from her monotonous days. High-spirited that she is, Sulu participates in every content around her, be it a regular lemon and spoon to an RJ hunt. And the film unfolds with her becoming the voice of a late-night show, meant for the lonely hearts.

It is endearing to see how this simple housewife handles the mantle of a sexy RJ, very unlike her real persona. Be it handling a desperate rickshaw driver confessing his feeling for two sisters on-air or an old man missing his wife, Sulu expertly tackles all calls. But can she tackle her personal life with this late-night job? You will have to watch and find out.
Actor Manav Kaul is perfectly cast as Sulu's husband in the film. He does it all - hears out her crazy ideas, supports her when she steps out for her first job and even dances comically. Needless to say, Manav's impressive acting prowess is on display in the film, like his earlier ones including Kai Po Che! and CityLights.
Another addition to the cast is Neha Dhupia as the head of the radio station. She puts her faith in Sulu and gives her an opportunity to turnaround her life. As Sulu's boss, she slides in smoothly into the role. It is refreshing to see her in the movie, playing a fulfilling role.
Sulu's twin sisters, RJ Malishka and the scriptwriter of her radio show support the film in their respective shows and have their own quirks.
The first half of the movie is breezy, providing us a glimpse into the life of a middle-class home in suburban Mumbai. Post interval, however, the film switches to the troubles the couple goes through while she is away entertaining a bunch of loners in the city. How the couple recovers from the crux of the film.
Vidya Balan has in recent years entertained us as the leading face of her films - be it Kahaani or Dirty Picture - and she will keep you hooked as Sulu. Never in a scene does it go overboard but plays the character well within her limits. As an RJ, Vidya could have easily gone out loud but Sulu is in control and instantly likable. She will have you smiling from the first scene.
Head to the theatres this weekend to watch this simple slice of life movie! You can definitely connect with their daily struggles in some way.
Film: Tumhari Sulu
Directed by: Suresh Triveni
Starring: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia.
Rating: 3/5
Playing in UAE theatres 

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