Movie review: War is strictly for Hrithik-Tiger fans

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Here are KRK's thoughts on the Siddharth Anand directed film.

By Kamaal Rashid Khan

Published: Thu 3 Oct 2019, 6:46 PM

Last updated: Thu 3 Oct 2019, 8:53 PM

Set against the backdrop of terrorism and espionage, War is a spectacle to watch especially for the terrific duo - Hrithik Roshan (Kabir) and Tiger Shroff (Khalid) - who work for the Indian Intelligence Bureau. Kabir is a star officer of the intelligence wing who turns into a rogue, out-of-conrol officer, but not before training his protégé Khalid. Now, Khalid becomes the only officer who can tame, meaning kill or capture, Kabir who has been on a killing spree against his own intelligence agency's officers.
That's where the much-awaited spectacular action scenes materialise, shot at several picturesque global locations from Morocco to Portugal to Australia. The action sequences are worth a watch, topped with the good-looking pair and their flawless camaraderie.
War has everything big - big stars, big budgets, big locations and big scenes - except for small/poor story and screenplay. Khalid's father, who also worked in the intelligence agency, was killed by Kabir because he was a traitor. That's why Khalid joins the agency to wipe off the blot.
When the two exceptionally skilled officers come face-to-face, magic happens onscreen as they grab every bit of attention with their action.
However, the magic is dampened by the exaggerated action sequences that have supercars crashing, missiles firing and superhuman stunts. Also, it is difficult to digest intelligence officers singing and dancing, and also managing to look savagely good, but surely the audience will not be complaining as it is a treat for the eyes. That is the only saving grace in War.
Then comes Vaani Kapoor, from nowhere, whilst Kabir is away on a mission. Soon, she too disappears from the film, forcing the audience to think, 'was she even required?'. The second half soon fizzles out with a predictable plot and twists that are hard to believe, like face surgeries in Hollywood flicks. The movie has its bits and sparks, albeit it heads nowhere.
Story and screenplay seem predictable and clichéd.
Dialogues seem to be okay.
War's music is good, the two songs from the movie are currently breaking the charts.
War could easily be termed the best ever action film to come out of Bollywood.
Director Siddharth Anand seems to have picked up most of the plot, twists, climax and the action scenes for War from foreign films. It has a weak story and screenplay which offer little support to the marvellous performances by Hrithik and Tiger. Although the action is exemplary, the credit cannot entirely be given to Siddharth Anand alone, as there are several foreign action directors who have worked on the film.
Hrithik, who works hard on every role he takes on, has done a splendid job in the movie. It is difficult to take your eyes off Kabir whenever he appears in the movie. While Khalid, who has less focus compared to Kabir in the movie, doesn't let you down either. Khalid is also remarkable and together both are magnificent.
Vaani Kapoor who has a tiny part to play, has proved acting is not her cup of tea. Ashutosh Rana, who plays a senior officer, has a small role to which he does justice.
War is only watchable for Hrithik and Tiger. But other than that, the film is difficult to digest due to its unbelievable plot and predictable screenplay. Hardcore Hrithik and Tiger fans, as well as those who love action films, though will definitely love War.

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