KRK film review: The Body is not your typical whodunit

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With little to keep viewers engaged, The Body fails to make a mark as a crime thriller.

By Kamaal Rashid Khan

Published: Thu 12 Dec 2019, 5:02 PM

Last updated: Mon 16 Dec 2019, 7:56 AM

The Body is an adaptation of a Spanish film by the same name. It's a crime thriller wherein Emraan Hashmi, who plays the husband, is under the scanner for the murder of his affluent wife (Shobhita Dhulipala).
Emraan marries her for her money, and right in the beginning of the film, he gives her a potion that causes her to suffer a heart attack. Rishi Kapoor, plays a fierce cop who has a strong inkling that Emraan has killed his wife and decides to unravel the truth. Hence begins the chase to nail Emraan as the police officer is hellbent on finding out the motive and the intention behind the murder.
What could have been a gripping, investigative crime thriller ends up as a boring saga wrapped up within the walls of a hospital from where Shobhita's body disappears. Baring a few scenes of the couple's wedding, the entire story unfold in the hospital as the cop tries everything in his power to reveal the truth behind the mystery.
In between the efforts to knit a taut crime thriller, Emraan's dead wife mysteriously keeps on appearing on screen, but not as a ghost.
The screenplay is similar to a TV crime series, much like the popular show, CID. There is nothing new and interesting to hold the interest of the audience. A major weakness is the haphazard way in which the scenes have been put together in the movie - it lacks logic.
Weak dialogues, some of which sound funny.
The editor has done a fair job.
The music is not memorable.
Direction is poor. Jeethu Joseph (director) of Malayalam drama-thriller Drishyam, fails to create a successful murder mystery. He seems to be clueless over how he wants his movie to turn out. Scenes and sequences have been added thoughtlessly.
Emraan Hashmi is not very impressive and he has delivered his usual performance, like in his earlier crime thrillers. Sobhita Dhulipala, who plays Emraan's wife, fails to make a mark while Vedika who plays his girlfriend has done a good job. Rishi Kapoor has delivered a good performance as a police officer.
With little to keep viewers engaged, The Body fails to make a mark as a crime thriller.
The Body
Director: Jeethu Joseph
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Rishi Kapoor, Shobhita Dhulipala, Vedika

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