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Mad about movies: This week's new UAE film releases

Published on September 17, 2020 at 00.01

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Ever been cut off on Sheikh Zayed Road? Worse, have you been the guilty party? How do you think the person in the other car felt? Unhinged will give you somewhat of an insight, albeit the driver affected has severe underlying problems. Russell Crowe plays an unstable motorist who, after committing a serious crime, finds his SUV stuck in traffic. Rachel (Caren Pistorious) is late dropping off her son and so sounds her vehicle's horn at Crowe when he fails to move off at a green light. Crowe's character chases Rachel to ask for an apology. He doesn't receive one. The small affray escalates into a deadly stalking nightmare. There are so far no ratings.
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No Way Back

Also called Donít Get Out, this German thriller is part Speed (1994), part Phone Booth (2002), and an actual remake of the Spanish flick Retribution (2015). In it Karl (Wotan Wilke Mohring) is driving his kids to school when a mystery phone in the glove box goes off. When he answers, a man on the other end of the line informs Karl he and his children are sitting on a bomb. The mystery voice then threatens to activate the device unless the panicked dad does exactly as he asks. IMDb gives it 5.8
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Imagine a fairytale being told by people from the nation who actually created it rather than the Hollywood machine. Thatís the angle for which weíre most excited when it comes to this weekís Pinocchio. An Italian production, this live-action remake follows the puppet to real boy story we all know and love, but surely its homecoming will add something a little different? Rotten Tomatoes gives it 93%
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There was once a rumour Christopher Nolanís Inception (2010) was inspired by an old Duck Tales comic strip. While the theory remains unproven, it is safe to say Nolanís deep subconscious drama may have played on the minds of the creators of Dreambuilders. In it a young girl discovers she has to power to create and control other people's dreams. To what end does she use this ability? To teach her new stepsister a lesson. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 57%
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