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When going to the cinema can turn into a luxury dinner date

When going to the cinema can turn into a luxury dinner date
Platinum Movie Suites, Reel Cinemas

Dubai - Silver service at the Platinum Movie Suites in Dubai

By Sarakshi Rai

Published: Sun 1 May 2016, 5:14 PM

Last updated: Mon 2 May 2016, 1:12 AM

A TRIP TO the movies used to be an easy affair. Tickets, popcorn, soda: check!
Nowadays it has become a lot more complicated. You tend to wonder about the more inane things  -  do they have online booking? Does my seat recline? Will they have blankets?
Dubai is a classy place, but did you know there's a cinema in which you can lounge on a comfortable living-room style chair and have food - from pasta to seafood - cooked and brought to you mid-movie?
If that's the movie experience you want then Reel Cinemas "Platinum Movie Suites" in City Walk is for you. It's a VIP experience, promising five-star service, almost-impossibly comfy chairs and gourmet food and drinks.
The experience begins in a private lounge where you can grab a drink or bite to eat before your movie from their gourmet menu. From appetisers like chicken kebabs and spring rolls to salads and spaghetti, they have a wide array of dishes available.
The VIP treatment then continues as you are personally ushered into your suite and are invited to sink into a leather reclining chair, conveniently equipped with a side table and button for the personal butler service throughout the movie, as well as a pillow and freshly laundered blanket.
We would go for the experience, even if the movie is terrible. Tickets will set you back about Dhs130 per person.
Pros: The attention to detail is amazing. From your appetisers to main course to dessert, your private butler makes sure nothing is lacking. Added bonus: They ensure an espresso is delivered exactly 30 mins after your food is consumed. The seats are also so amazingly comfortable that you won't want to get out of once the end credits roll.
Cons: While the food wants for nothing we wouldstick to ordering common cinema snacks. Their cheese popcorn is a clear winner while the penne arrabiata is not. Also a night out for two, including tickets and food would cost close to Dhs500. That's a bit steep, but if it's not an issue, then this is a must do experience in Dubai.

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