What my job is all about: Overseeing the operations of the restaurant and a nightclub is all about the relationship between my team, our guests and exceeding the customer's needs. I also deal with artists, DJs as well as their booking agents. Overall, my job is to push standards, ...

By Vishal Raj (Contributor)

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Published: Mon 31 May 2004, 2:12 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:58 AM

and the numbers without hampering on the service levels. With the tough competition, I pump the adrenalin to get more business.

How I arrived at my present job: I have worked for various F&B outlets in Dubai and in the UK. I also worked in sales as well for a few years and was involved with my own business in the UK.

How I organise my day: The first thing I attend to, is check all my mails. I organise and prioritise my work from there. Next is to oversee who is on the shifts for the entire day. We do have a daily pre-shift briefing. More so like a 15 minutes cheer-up for the staff. I do it twice a week, Rest of days my supervisors handle it. This helps liven the work moments for our staff.

My daily routine at work: I normally start at 5 or 6 pm when every one else is on their way home. The first thing I do is hit the office and check my mails. Then it's on to the restaurant to see all of my lovely staff and customers. At eleven we open up the club and if we have an International guest I'm normally entertaining before they play their stuff.

I keep stringent checks on the standards of the restaurant. This includes service, cleanliness, training of the staff, food on the table, etc. Service is not just taking an order.

How does the service differ? Our staff bases their service by building on a relationship with the customer. Presenting the menu card is personalised, with a suggestion for what to choose. It is a guiding approach. We try and take our customers on a memorable journey, and keep the standards on a high level.

If a diner has a problem, what approach do you offer? If the diner has a problem, it's our job to turn him around. He should be contented when he leaves the restaurant. I train my staff not to be afraid of the customer. They should treat them as friends, and not a master-slave relationship.

What sort of a personality is required for this job: Outgoing, pragmatic, energetic and dedicated.

What are the constraints you need to be aware of, before taking up this as a career? You lose all of your holidays and weekends, as that's mainly your busy periods. I can barely remember the last time I partied on New Years Eve. In fact for the millennium, I wanted to spend it with my would-be wife but was working. It's the nature of the beast, and you have to accept it. This is a downfall I'm afraid.

The perks that go with the job: Get to meet a lot of nice people as well as make good contacts.

Memorable episodes that have left a mark on your career:I worked for a short time at Manchester United Football Club. In the early Nineties, we had opened a new restaurant and bar. The opening party was amazing. I got to meet all of my football hero's, stars from the music scene and the film industry.

Amount of time spent working daily at office: 9 to 12 hours on an average.

What inspires, motivates, or gets me excited about my job on a daily basis: To see the smiles on the faces of my customers and staff.

What I do to get myself thinking creatively (after work): I love my cars and all I need to do is get in my car and drive.

My problem-solving strategy: If you have a customer problem, listen first. Understand it, and then solve it. You should apologise for the mistake and make efforts to fulfil the customer's needs.

My hero, mentor, or person I most admire and why: My Parents. They are always there for me. What I do to mentor those who work for me: I treat my staff with respect and it always comes back.

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