Don't let stress distress you this year. Take a deep breath, think positive and re-organise your life. City Times shows you how. With the hectic lives we lead in Dubai, stress and tension has become a regular feature. All of us caught in this racy time-tied routine can't help getting mentally stressed and pressurised.

By Divya A

Published: Mon 5 Jan 2004, 2:28 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:38 AM

But we carry on regardless, hardly realising that we are victims of stress.

Dr. Hussain Ali Reda Maseeh, Senior Clinical Psychologist & Head of Psychology & Social Services Unit at Rashid Hospital, says that the time constraint is a major cause of stress amongst people of all classes in Dubai. Though people all over the world are stressed, levels vary from place to place. Surprisingly, people in Dubai are more stressed out than people in the Asian countries or in the West, though the reasons may be more or less the same, he says.

'The way men and women handle stress is different. While women are more open to discussing emotional and personal issues, men tend to resort to alcohol, drugs or physical pleasures to dissolve their stress, which is rather unhealthy. Talking to someone you trust can provide great relief as it provides an outlet to release pent up feelings.'

Dr Subhash R Deshpande, General physician at Dudhani Clinic, Bur Dubai, explains stress with a very common example. 'If you stretch a rubber band, it is similar to the tension that we experience. But stress is what happens when you keep it stretched over a period of time.' So stress, he says, is basically a phase of prolonged tension.

He adds that many of his patients complain of several common ailments as a result of stress. These include sleeplessness, fatigue, backaches and headaches. It is indeed the doctor's task to find out whether the problem is physical or psychosomatic.

Stress, if not cured on time, may lead to further problems like high-blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, ulcers, etc. According to a research in Boston stress can also lead to anaemia. Stress tells on our mental health as well Ð loss of memory, sudden blackouts etc., all these indicate increasing levels of stress in our day-to-day life.

Doctors nowadays believe that medication doesn't help curing stress beyond a limit. Sedative and anti-depressants act more like a temporary whitewash rather than helping to cure the problem permanently. Doctors may suggest vitamins, basically B-complex capsules that help in strengthening the body's immune system. There are certain clinical methods of curing stress like psychoanalysis and biofeedback, which are more reliable and personalised. But psychologists these days suggest following a few basic steps to help reducing stress levels in our body:

Kick-start your day

We need to start our day with positive feelings together with a nutritious breakfast (rich in carbohydrates and proteins).

Exercise and fitness

Proper blood-circulation in the body ensures energy and fitness throughout the day. Some light exercises regularly help to increase body stamina and also stimulates the brain. Also, we must take care of our sleep cycle.

Relax and chill out

Most of us always keep ourselves busy in the trivialities of life. Household work, professional compulsions are never going to leave us. But we definitely need to have some good time in life, on which we can fall back during our tough times.

Express your feelings

Joys, happiness, disappointments, and sadness- all these feelings need to be expressed. Pent up feelings are always detrimental to our mental health and consequently on physical health. Caring and sharing works miracles on our body.

Check your addiction levels

Avoid excessive drinking or smoking, even late-nights. All these tend to increase hypertension and lead to malfunctioning of body organs.

Look up

Life doesn't always permit us to fulfill all our aspirations and longings. Instead of letting these depressing thoughts bog us down, we should try and accept the life in its real face with a positive approach.

Take it all in your stride

Sometimes petty insignificant things leave us disgusted, but it is immature to let these depress us. Take a deep breath, and forget about them.

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