Waiting for the big windfall, ending up with free movie tickets

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Dubai - Four movie tickets with snacks is not whopping. Whopping is a Rolls-Royce. Whopping is 20 million dirhams.

By Bikram Vohra

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Published: Tue 19 May 2020, 10:38 AM

Last updated: Tue 19 May 2020, 12:41 PM

We all wait for that windfall with the eagerness of hungry baby canaries' beaks open for a worm.

And we squirrel away our luck in increments, hopeful that one day we will get that wonderful call. A high-end car. A million dollars. Even more. And we have practiced our modest speech at 2am on so many insomnia-ridden nights, goodbye bosses, I am rich, Costa del Sol, here I come.

We know people who have won just these prizes and more. We have journeyed to their homes to tell them how happy we are for them and said sentiment expressed with grand reluctance... far too miserable about ourselves to have a corner of happiness for them... ah the hypocrisy, so thrilled for you. Miserable for us.

And then for a brief, shining moment a flash of excitement. We are sitting at home enjoying the 52nd day of staying home when the phone rings and a professional voice asks for my daughter. When she comes on the line he says, "welllll, congrats you have won a prize..."

Face lights up, on speaker phone, migoodness we can pay off our credit cards, it has finally found its way to us.

Yessss. Yesssss. Yesssssss. Wait for it.

You have won four tickets to the cinema with snacks thrown in worth a whopping Dh700.

That is not whopping. Whopping is a Rolls-Royce. Whopping is 20 million dirhams. But the cinemas are closed. Yes, they are, aren't they? When they open, you can make use of it then, valid till June 30. What if they don't open till then? Let's worry about that on July 1, for now enjoy your good luck.

That's just it. What if the quantum of luck we'd been storing up on just gurgled away on four tickets to a cinema that's closed. There goes the life-changing bonanza and we don't even know what movie it is.

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