Vidya Balan on life and link-ups

WHEN VIDYA Balan expressed her desire to act in movies, her parents refused to give their nod. The elfin beauty tells us, "My father always said that education is a luxury and we should make the most of it, as this time in college will never come back.

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Published: Tue 24 Jul 2007, 11:06 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:42 PM

Certain things can happen alongside and later in life but education should never be compromised with." Wonder if that's the reason they named her 'Vidya.'

A big admirer of actors like Nargis and Waheeda Rehman, Vidya feels Indian cinema is yet to find artistes like them. And just by idolising the right role models, Vidya, in just two years, managed to achieve what very few debutantes can.

"See, Lolita (her character in Parineeta ) gave me a desirable debut. I worked with people who had conviction in their work. It was such a known production that people invested their faith in me. Lolita has surely made a significant contribution to my career," she feels.

Talking of Parineeta, one can't help but ask her how Vidya lend a certain grace and sophistication to those lovemaking scenes. She is quick to respond: "Honestly, it is the people involved in filming such shots who make all the difference in a scene. For instance, even a wrong angle by a cameraman will make it look sleazy. I give my nod to a lovemaking scene only if it is justified and is integral to the story.

As in Parineeta, Lolita believes herself to be Shekhar's wife (which explains the first lovemaking scene) and the second such scene is the imagination of a hurt lover."

This Capricorn doesn't have a huge gang of pals, but she has few friends who manage to bag her undivided attention. She says, "I don't have to take out time for them as it happens naturally, as naturally as drinking water to quench your thirst. You must have heard that success has many fathers. In the same spirit I believe that success made me realise who are the people to cherish in my life."

So what's her take on being linked to Bollywood hunk John Abraham? "See, when an actor feels comfortable with his/her co stars, it translates to onscreen comfort as well. This time I'm working with three wonderful stars with whom I am having a great time. Let's see who I get linked to!"

Very few would know this, but Vidya had to work hard to acquire the svelte figure that she now has. Shares Vidya, "I used to be 20 kgs overweight. But I wanted to get into acting. That's when my confidence in doing what I believe in, helped me achieve what I wanted to. It was a terrific feeling."

However, rejection did bother her at times. Vidya could not fathom the reason behind these failures. "It discouraged me to the extent that I started thinking of myself as ugly."

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