UAE health matters: how much coffee is too much?

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UAE health matters: how much coffee is too much?
Nespresso's first coffee ambassador in the region, Yassir Corpataux

A 'moderate' amount means how many cups?

By David Light

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Published: Sun 5 Jan 2020, 4:59 PM

Last updated: Wed 5 Feb 2020, 8:37 AM

HOW HAVE THE first few days creating the 'new you for a new decade' been going? Have the chocolates remained in the cupboard? Are the Apple Watch wellness rings being completed? You should be up to 50,000 steps on your pedometer by the 5th - all good? Regardless of how successful your exercise plan is going, when it comes to the nutrition side of the equation there is always one Middle Eastern staple, which appears to attract its fair share of conflicting opinions in regards to its benefits: coffee. We absolutely love a cup of the brown stuff and on the face of it (barring you're not topping your mug with a tonne of cream) can't see any downside to chugging away throughout the day. Just to be on the safe side, though, we caught up with Nespresso's first coffee ambassador in the region, Yassir Corpataux, to get the inside track.
Let's get straight to it, how much coffee do you believe people should drink per day?
Moderate coffee consumption has its place in a balanced and healthy lifestyle. For Nespresso, 'moderate' translates to three to five cups of our Original system drinks. For more specific information on the impact of coffee and health have a look at This organisation is amazing. Coffee is one of the most studied foods for its effects on health and scientific evidence shows that moderate coffee consumption can be beneficial to a person's wellbeing as part of a healthy and balanced diet.
What do you think of coffee trends such as adding spoonfuls of butter?
When I started my career back in 2007, my focus was exclusively on the perfect cup of coffee served as an espresso. The more I discussed with consumers, the more I observed and tried new interesting trends. Lately, I am a big fan of adding a pinch of salt in my cup to sweeten my blend if too bitter. Depending on the mood and the time of the day, I'll consume coffee differently. In the end, the consumer's taste prevails.
What is your favourite type of coffee and is having a machine really as good as visiting a barista?
In the morning, I will always select a fruity balanced coffee such as a sun-dried Ethiopian Arabica with a drop of milk to add some sweetness to the overall flavour. Single-serve machines offer a consistent coffee quality and save resources by using only the necessary coffee beans, water and energy needed to brew a single cup. The carbon footprint is therefore minimised. Ask any barista, from the moment you grind coffee, you have only a few seconds to make it or the oxidation will impact the aromatic profile. Our infinitely recyclable aluminium capsules protect coffee from the oxygen, humidity and light, which guarantees consistency and sustainability. 

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