With sails up and high and banners rushing against the flow of the wind, the marine man moves on. Making routes in the sea, crossing oceans and building an odyssey of adventure and livelihood. Mohammed Khalifa bin Thalath works as a captain at Jebel Ali Port;

his love for the warm beckoning blue is evident from the effort he has taken to put together a breathtaking display of marine items.

Held under the sponsorship of Dubai Ports Authority, his collection has been showcased in the middle of the Chinese Court at the Ibn Battuta Mall, which was earlier inaugurated by Tariq Khalifa, Sales Manager at Dubai Ports Authority, Abdul Rahman Essa, Head of the Adventure Surprises Committee and Ibrahim Saleh, DSS COO as part of the Adventure Surprises week. This is the second time the exhibition has been organised during DSS. The first one was held in 2002.

The display is different from any art exhibition due to the distinct theme that it runs on.

The items that have been presented here have never been put up before an audience in the Middle East as different art forms come together in this exhibition. With great intricacy and craftsmanship different patterns have been made using knotted ropes of different materials like nylon, banana leaves and cotton too for a section of the work.

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