Tres Cher!

American singer Cher spends $2,500 a week on facials and specialist treatments to maintain her youthful appearance on the sets of her new movie Burlesque.

Cher, who has previously described herself as the “poster girl” of cosmetic surgery, also goes for LED light therapy and oxygen infusion techniques, reports

“Cher also has a spiritual adviser, homeopath and naturopath on standby to keep her mentally and physically centred.

She calls them her ‘wellness crew’ and they set her back another $20,000 over the course of a movie shoot,” said a source.

Explaining some of the treatments, Marilyn Martinis, a clinical aesthetician at the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, said the LED light therapy would give the 63-year-old’s skin a more youthful appearance.

“The LED treatments use a pulse light to treat dark pigmentation and improve the appearance of small blood vessels in the skin,” said Martinis.

“The micro-current treatments stimulate facial muscles and temporarily tighten the face by using a galvanising current,” she added.

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