The best and worst celeb isolation videos - our verdict

Which notable figures achieve full marks and who misses the mark with their social media output?

By David Light

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What rating does Gal get?
What rating does Gal get?

Published: Tue 24 Mar 2020, 4:13 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 5:17 PM

Lizzo blowing hot never cold - The title really says it all with this one. What monster wouldn't find this incredibly talented musician sitting in her garden playing soulful soothing music and offering some words of wisdom an absolute treat? Each beautifully crafted clip in the series has the Grammy-winner talk to the camera, show off her flautist skills and generally be perfect for anything up to half an hour.

OUR VERDICT: Best of the bunch, A+

Katrina Kaif invents washing dishes - In a scene reminiscent of Isaac Newton uncovering gravity's mystery, Katrina Kaif recently posted her own startling discovery whilst in isolation. Having left the washing up to her maid since forever, the Bollywood star takes to the chore with initial limited gusto. This soon develops into lukewarm enthusiasm before Kaif decides to proffer some inspired sage wisdom: don't wash each item individually. Soak the pieces in suds and then rinse them together in a full sink to save water. Mrs. Beeton, eat your heart out.

OUR VERDICT: For the laughs, A-

Gal Gadot: Blunder Woman? - We adore this actor and won't have a bad word said against her, but even we have to admit - in the knowledge no malice was intended - roping in your equally healthy and wealthy famous friends to join in a virtual chorus of John Lennon's Imagine can only really appear at best indulgent. Those in the video self-isolating in mansions, penthouses or taking a walk around sunny grounds bleating on about visualising no possessions, when that is a very real threat for many wondering from where the next rent cheque is going to appear, should have thought about it a little harder.

OUR VERDICT: The world is as one: outraged at this clip, F

Cardi B goes Thru Your Jenga - Forget this rapper's coronavirus conspiracy theories (or maybe this post explains why she spouts them?), Cardi B expresses all our frustrations at being stuck at home in one simple 10-second vid. The clip sees the Thru Your Phone singer run head first into a giant Jenga tower, knocking it flying and hurting her bonce in the process. Why? We can't say for sure. All we do know is it's silly, it's pointless and we'll all be doing it by Friday.

OUR VERDICT: The ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, B+

Sidharth Mal-hot-in-the-kitchen-tra - What this isolation vid lacks in drama it lacks in pretty much everything else, but it is always fun to watch people try new things and Sidharth Malhotra is doing his best to ignite a culinary spark by cooking butter garlic prawns, so we have to give him credit there. In fairness it is quite well shot, accompanied by jaunty music, although the improvised running commentary including zingers such as "I have all the ingredients here but it looks a bit soupy" leave much to be desired. Maybe a call to a writer buddy is in order?

OUR VERDICT: Good 'fry', C+

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