The Bengali bride

THE ACTRESS' sporting the look for her first Bengali film Sab Choritra Kalponik being directed by Rituparno Ghosh.

A far cry from the sexy siren Bollywood is accustomed to, Bips's de-glam look is bound to come as a shock to fans.

"My parents simply loved the look once they got over the initial shock," said Bips. "In fact, my dad loved the picture so much that he's made it his screen-saver, on his cell phone as well as his computer. I think all parents hope to see their daughters as brides someday. And my parents are no different."

So, will their wish be granted soon? "Now that's a million dollar question that I really don't have the answer for. But yes, I hope too that their wish comes true soon enough," she added. And how was boyfriend John Abraham's reaction? "Oh, he found it very beautiful," she smiled. "He thinks I can carry off any look convincingly, so it's a thumbs up from him too."

However, when it comes to her real wedding attire, Bips doubts that she'll go for a similar look. "I would love to go for a smaller affair and a simpler look," she admitted. And what about John? "Oh, he'd even marry me in a skirt," she laughed. "As actors, we are always so dressed up, I would love to dress down a bit for my wedding. I prefer the sans make-up look any day."

Looking as comfortable ultra-glam as she does in traditional fare, for Bipasha the secret lies in not trying to cultivate an image of any sort. "Luckily for me, it doesn't take too much of an effort to slip into any image. May be it comes from the fact that in spite of my sexy image on screen, I'm a very simple girl at heart." A headstrong girl, with her values intact, the actress represents the true spirit of today's woman and is the face of Gitanjali. "It's a great privilege for me to be associated with the group that's internationally acclaimed. I believe that jewellery completes a woman and I think Gitanjali Jewellery stands for all women. I love and identify with the chic, modern and elegant positioning of the brand and that's what I have been drawn by and relate to," said Bips.

And what about balancing mainstream commercial cinema with art house films and regional cinema? "With the kind of money involved in Bollywood, filmmakers are often reluctant to take a risk with either storylines or trying to cast actresses in different kind of roles. However, with regional cinema, directors are far more open to experiments. Often it's the actress who's the 'hero' of the film there. And that's something that's challenging, interesting and irresistible to me," she said.

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