As the schools and universities begin to close for the summer holidays, thousands of students across the UAE would be dreaming about how to spend their two months of complete freedom. There are a wide range of fun things to do for teens this summer.

By Madhavi Mangu (Contributor)

Published: Tue 14 Jun 2005, 11:51 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

However, for some students, these holidays aren't just about having fun. These holidays are for gaining valuable work experience by doing internships in various companies in different fields. As Dubai is a leading destination for major companies from all over the world, many students studying in different parts of the globe pursue their summer internship here.

Suchita Ramanathan, who is currently studying Law at University of Bristol, UK, is here on a vacation and is doing her internship at a law firm. She says , "The legal system here is very different from that of the UK, and I felt that if I could start learning young, it’ll help me when I return to Dubai, armed with a law degree".

One of the major advantages of doing a summer internship is it gives the student an opportunity to correct themselves before the real work starts. Omar Abu Omar, a student at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management says, “The internship will benefit us in having a brief, yet challenging and fruitful hands-on experience which would be valuable to us. We will also learn more about our areas of strengths and weaknesses and work on them during the remainder of our studies.”

Besides being a learning experience, for many students like Kartik Iyer, internship is a part of the university curriculum. He feels that, besides knowing how an MNC (Multinational Company) like Siemens functions, "It disciplines my life to a certain extent. " Being the university prerequisite, doing a summer internship strengthens the technical knowledge one has in their fields. Amna Mohd Walid Mohd who is pursuing a Higher Diploma in IT at the Dubai Women's College feels that her current internship at a leading manufacturing company will make her resume stronger and benefit her future career.

She claims that the biggest lesson she would get is being able to know the difference between college and real-life environment and would give her the confidence to explore more career avenues.

Aditi Dungarwal who recently graduated from the American University Dubai, feels, “Apart from the IT related tasks, my job helped me improve my soft skills. Doing summer jobs is a learning experience, as it helps you realise what fields interest you, so that you can get an idea about your career choices."

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