Lebanese singer Grees Deb tells City Times that her aim is to keep her clean image intact

By Nihal Kamel

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Published: Mon 4 Apr 2005, 2:04 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 5:53 PM

You are a very talented singer. You have been singing in six foreign languages but you haven't got a real break till now.

That is life. Luck plays a very crucial role, but I will always thank God for what I have got. There are so many immensely talented people who never get a chance. I am grateful that I have the audience's love and affection. And since my aim is to keep a clean image intact, it will take me time to reach where I want to.

You have a very unique style of singing in foreign languages. How have you reached that level?

America has been home to me and my family for a very long time. I completed most of my studies in the States. I was brought up amidst several famous and great singers and I used to sing for quite a few of them. That's how I picked up my style of singing.

In general, Lebanese singers are very talented when it comes to singing in foreign languages.

Yes. That's because the Lebanese society is very open to other cultures. In Lebanon people like travelling and listening to foreign songs.

How do you feel when people compare you to Daleda? Especially after you sang the song ‘Sweet My Country’ for the late singer Daleda, people say that you have brought back those beautiful times.

It's a big responsibility that the audience has given me because Daleda is on top as far as foreign and Franco-Arabic songs are concerned. The audience's encouragement for my song Sweet my country, has given me a reason to dedicate my new album to the late singer.

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