Life's otherwise progressive journey takes a different turn when a parent learns that their child has a disability or a chronic illness. Many issues come up and the trail ahead often fills with strong emotion, difficult choices, interactions with many different professionals and specialists, ...

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Published: Sat 16 Jul 2005, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:18 PM

and an ongoing need for information and services.

Indeed the situation is the hardest in the onset but as the family grows together the isolation and loneliness subsides. DSS is big fun for little ones including children with special needs. It gives them a fun-filled chance to interact with other children and steal little moments of joy.

Ibrahim Hasan Mohammed Al Hammadi, a UAE national with four children, one of whom is autistic said, "We often take the children out together. I feel they interact better and are less emotionally imbalanced when they are outside having fun. Considering this the many opportunities that are out there during DSS makes it a blessing in disguise for parents. It is a time for the children to come out of their problems and smile together."

Added Savitri Kisani, an Indian mother of two, "As an arts teacher, I work closely with both normal and special needs children. My eight-year-old son Krishna is autistic so I have a very clear picture about how different it can be for a family to align their activities and outings with the interest of both the children. Over the years we have worked hard on our needs and now the children cooperate well. It's difficult to travel annually so we stay back in the summer and DSS comes as a relief for the otherwise bored children," she said.

Speaking on the ongoing Disney Magic programme brought in by The Department of Economic Development (DED), Mohammed Helal Al Murooshdi, head of the shopping malls events organised by DED, said, " Disney Magic is like a treat for kids because nothing kindles magic like Disney. We understand that children with special needs need love, caring and extra attention, trying to reach out to them and their families we initiated to have a free entry for them.

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