Not too long ago, they brought about 'Inertia' - this time they're letting their underlying theme do the talking. Ohm Records - Dubai's only vinyl store for electronic music has set up residence at The Mix, Grand Hyatt. Called DV8, Ohm claims that it will use this residency ...

By Rahul Ahmad

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Published: Tue 13 Jan 2004, 2:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:41 AM

"to promote and launch some of its exclusive independent labels by bringing down artists from these labels to play at DV8 as well as serve as a platform to promote local artists as well as DJs."

Culminating on January 14, DV8 will host the exclusive Middle East launch of Choo Choo Records and feature a live performance by MARA Sound System.

For those who aren't familiar with the duo, MARA is a combination of Barry Gilbey on decks playing his signature dark progressive sound along with Sara Whittaker's distinct live vocals. Not only is this a unique concept - giving a "live feel" to the club sound but is also extremely dance floor friendly. (The sounds of MARA are quite common in the sets of Danny Taneglia, Deep Dish and Anthonny Pappa)

Though The Mix may not seem like the apt venue to hold an 'underground' label launch, Ohm are quick to point out why they chose this venue. As Satyen Choksi, Managing Partner, Ohm Records says, "The Mix is definitely a huge venue but we will be using only parts of it for DV8... Cosmetic changes will be made to make DV8 more intimate and personal."

A good thing too as The Mix is not really known for being intimate or personal. But as Satyen further states, "Our main aim through DV8 is to communicate the 'Sounds of Da Underground' - clearly and unpretentiously - to a wider audience in Dubai.

Thus, in a city like Dubai it seems that to get to those 'underground', core followers of acts such as MARA, you've got to go literally 'overboard' and then find out who's willing to come downstairs. And with the aim of diverting attention away from overbearing bouncers, ungainly door policies and tedious VIP lists, DV8 isn't simply bringing new acts to Dubai but also creating a new dimension to nights out.

Nevertheless, is Dubai really ready for such a change in, not just listening habits but also its attitude to going out? Well, it seems so. Judging by the highly-charged interest generated by Ohm's previous label launch - FingerLickin' Records at Inertia and even regular nights such as Global Funk at Boudoir or 9714's Fertilizer night at the Trade Centre's Secret Garden, DV8 could well be on the right track.

Music-wise, it may take some more time. Granted, even though interest in electronic music on vinyl is big in Dubai this still seems more a conceptual curiosity than a hands-on 'feel' of the actual elements of underground culture and what it might mean.

But with the vigour and passion of those at Ohm Records, it is definitely creating awareness. Awareness that there is something apart from velvet ropes, over-priced cocktails and air kisses. And with the crowds getting larger by the show, this 'sub-culture', which is emerging might just be the one to diversify Dubai's existing nightlife options.

This track change could very well be exploring. So go on, take a chance. DV8!

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